Vintage Scuba: Problems Equalizing Old Masks – S04E15

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Every modern mask today has a low volume, easy to hold nose pocket for quick ear equalization. Alec shows how early masks evolved and tried many ways to equalize before the todays nose pocket became the standard.

*** In this episode of Vintage Scuba ***
– a 1949 or 1950 “Charlie Sturgill” hand-made mask from a rubber fire hose with no easy way to equalize or clear
– one of 3 Sturgill masks still in existence out of about 40, $6.00 for round, $8.00 for oval
– Swimaster oval mask with a hard rubber skirt against the face
– 1960 Swimaster “Wide View”, big purge valve, rubber body and foam neoprene sealing sealing skirt against the face
– 1961 “Aqua-Lung” with wrap around glass, dual purge valves, two nose pockets, needed two hands to squeeze
– 1963 “Max-Vue” Nemrod by Seamless with wire nose pinchers, purge valve added with outside wire clips to squeeze your nose

Viewers have asked about the “stuff” behind Alec, so he picked one item and talks about his collection of “farm lightning arrestors”.

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Rating: 4.94

  1. Eric Rodey says

    Hey if you see this comment can you msg me. I have a pc of aqualung very old stage 1 regulator. Made my Cousteau. Would like to send you some pics. And see what you think. It’s like new.

  2. Vitomir Maricic says

    diving things rule. Cool.

  3. Not the ATF says

    Great video!

  4. Viewcards says

    I just bought my first mask…the Tusa m3001. I’ll try it next month when I go diving, can’t wait. Hi Alec, you’re awesome!

  5. Joel Perron says

    Hey Alec .. Thanks for that great clip again ! Was thinking about you on March break when we went to Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya and Cozumel, … I dove in Roatan and Cozumel … Roatan was interesting but not well organized (no buddy system and all thrown in the water) but Cozumel was something to see (so clear) … I was wondering what what the mask at the end that you said you are using by now ? I now use a Tusa M1001 and it is nice but still having a leak if i dont use oring grease to help …

  6. Alain Dumesny says

    trouble trouble… always a story. love it.

  7. James InEngland1 says

    Very interesting, nice to see the evolution of scuba masks…what will the mask's be like in the future?…will we go further than silicone seals…

  8. Raymond Burelle says

    Love the vintage stuff Alec how about a tech tip on the different dry glove systems I love the sitech qcp quick lock cuffs but was wondering about the others
    You've also inspired me to watch sea hunt it's great and I'm hooked take care would love to go on a dive with you some say

  9. kadrik0 says

    What is your brand and model on your current mask? Question on that scuba bag packing video. I know a real dive bag would be better in general but I got a split duffle since my new scuba gear is super compact and I need to pack a week's worth of clothes in the 2nd half of the bag. (Won't be on a liveaboard) If you are lugging wet gear like your wetsuit do you ever mess with an official dry bag or do you just use garbage bags? I won't need to worry about the bcd. I'm getting that hydros pro which is instant dry so I only have to really deal with a swimsuit, wetsuit, and boots. I do plan on sandwiching my dive gear with a towel. Thanks for the OCi recommendation. Loving it but haven't dived with it yet.

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