Wetsuit For Kids – The Benefits Of Wetsuits For Kids

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Due to the fact that wetsuits are constructed from neoprene which contains thousands of foam bubbles, it makes the wetsuit extremely buoyant while in water and will float a person comfortably at the surface. For this reason, a wetsuit will assist children with learning to swim and will make any swimming activity safer for them due to the increased buoyancy.

Other benefits for children using wetsuit, is that it keeps them warm. As we all know kids like spending increasing periods in the water and would not admit that they are feeling cold to keep on playing. Due to their smaller bodies, their body heat is easily lost even in not so cold waters. A wetsuit will ensure that your child is always kept warm, whether on the beach or by a pool.

A wetsuit will also protect your child from abrasions, coral and sting marine creatures which can be extremely painful. Giving that these last years the jellyfish population has ballooned, wetsuits are a precaution which should be considered.

UV protection is also guaranteed. Wetsuits provide 100% sun protection for areas which are covered by the wetsuit. This minimizes the risk that your kids may get sunburned.

Tips for Buying a kids wetsuit

Kids wetsuits should provide warmth and comfort to your child. These are the most important factors when buying a wetsuit for your kid. It is important that you choose one that fits snugly on your kid’s body. Not too tight and yet too loose. This should fit like a second skin.

If the wetsuit is not of a snug fit, it is likely that excess water will see in and cool down your kid rapidly rendering it useless. To determine whether the wetsuit it too large, have your child wear the suit and check if there are any folds at the arms and crotch. If there are any folds then this means that the wetsuit is too large for your kid.

On the other hand if it is too tight, the wetsuit will feel extremely uncomfortable for your child to handle and he / she will probably not want to wear it. You can determine whether it is too tight if you see that your child is restricted in his / her movements.

You have to however take into account that kids will definitely grow out of their wetsuit. Their wetsuit may only last them for one season so you may want to consider investing in a good used one.

To be sure of the correct wetsuit fit, take a look at our kids wetsuit size chart for guidance under the kids snorkeling section at http://www.scuba-snorkeling-adventures.com/kids-wetsuit.html

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