7 Things Freedivers NEVER Do | Freediving Tips and Tutorials

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Time for some more freediving tips and tricks

You guys wanted more tips, so I thought of just putting up something simple. This video is aimed at complete beginners. You will almost certainly learn these 7 ‘nevers’ in any level 1 freediving course. I just put the most basic ‘never to do’ tips any here, but this is by no means a complete list.

In addition to the point about never diving with the snorkel in your mouth – I forgot to mention the point that – if you dive the the snorkel in your mouth, it fills with water during your dive – on re-surfacing – you need to forcefully blow out to clear the snorkel – and this can cause you to blackout.

Stay tuned as ill put up the inverse of this – “7 things freedivers always do” in the next video

While I put these videos up for your general information – I never mean any of these videos to be replacement for proper freediving training. Freediving with an un-certified diver is a risk to that diver, and his buddy.

If you want help finding out about freediving courses in your area, let me know and ill try help put you in contact with the right people.

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  1. Aleksandr von Korb says

    Nr.7 -but U dive almost always alone….isn't u?

  2. Moofy says

    I miss your videos man 🙂

  3. Great video for those of us eager to freedive and learn as much as we can to go safer and longer but can't afford a course.

    I especially liked the one on never exhaling. I always hear people say this but you're the first to say why.

    I always exhale. It allows me longer dives. As a newbie my dives are like a comfortable 2 mins with an exhale. So I really liked learning the problems with the exhale. I'm working on stopping this bad habit.

    Can someone please tell me as much as possible in as much detail as possible about exhaling vs holding the breath.

    Thank you.

  4. Avidan Vlogs says

    Great tips! Do you know anyone in Israel that does courses?

  5. Dadaly Duong says

    do you know any freediver in cambodia? instructor or diver?

  6. Arnold Stollar says

    Never swim or ski dive or Scuba dive alone.Always have a competent partner dive buddy close.Always wear a wet suit or life vest,buoyancy compensator. I Love good snorkels., comfortable small bite mouthpiece.Wear a bright rubber hood, to be seen from a distance. Wear gloves, and a divers’ knife.Rubber shoes should be worn inside your flippers(fins).

  7. Esteban Esquivel says

    I think I would have failed on 5 or 6 of them! Thanks so much for taking your time to share man!

  8. ikenna unamadu says

    I don't dive in the ocean because I can't find a Buddy, so I have to train in a pool with life guards.

  9. mrberrybubbles says

    you said in your video that you can help get in contact with a instructor in my area. I am getting serious but cant find any, some help would be much appreciated

  10. King Boo Lowrey says

    awww, just out of your range. high notes, couldnt hit the notes, falling just short.

  11. Arwyn says

    I freedive alone

  12. Flávio Giannini says

    Wish I had a friend to dive with me…what do you do when there's none? My friends are not into it

  13. yoann aubrun says

    first i would like to thanks you for all you're beautifull videos. they all makes me jalous about you're skills.
    second, i have to ask you a litle question. When you say ''never dive alone'', do you mean that you have a buddy every time with you (i see just one video were you are two freedivers)?
    sorry for my english, and please, continue to make us dream with your videos!!!

  14. Austin Cantu says

    I made the first mistake freediving after scuba diving at jules undersea lodge

  15. SimmsProductions says

    How often do free drivers "black out"?

  16. PadiDiverHD Uncut says

    Luv your good advices, you are a nice person 🙂 Thankz mate 😉

  17. M Y says

    Good, except #3. Not true. There is nothing wrong with exhaling underwater to equalize buoyancy.

  18. Mantas says

    thats super usefull, i would never have thought myself some of these

  19. Aleksandar Petrovic says

    Do you know any courses in Southern California?? I'm in Orange County. Deff interested.

  20. Lucy Espino says

    Am i gonna black out if i exhale underwater lelz i always do that

  21. Michael Ängu says

    i wish g-shock would make diving computer

  22. KomediGrabbarna says

    Im 11 years. Can i go freediving lessions?

  23. reaper gaming says

    please replay

  24. reaper gaming says

    how do you stay underwater without floating that is my biggest problem i use to much energy trying to stay underwater

  25. Deadboy5663 Gaming says

    If you can't exhale your lungs can explode… Lol

  26. Temren Alican says

    Wow I would always exhale to make it easier for me to sink in water. I didn't know it was risky. You might've saved my life thank you

  27. Luke Patterson says

    Thanks mate… I've just started spearfishing after moving to Fiji, have you heard of any good freedive teachers near Nadi? I know you're not supposed to go alone, but that's what I usually do, due to not having many mates here into spearing, but I don't go as far, and I can't dive deep and for long anyway.. 🙂

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