How Equalization Works With A Full Face Mask

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How Equalization Works With A Full Face Mask

Equalizing is something that all divers have to do, thanks to Boyle’s Law. Depending on which style of mask you use, the techniques to equalize are the same.

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  1. countof3everybodyOD says

    perhaps someone hear can answer a question.
    ive recently seen a film wherein two women find themselves at a great depth underwater in a shark cage.
    one decides she must go for help, and in order to fit out of the cage she removes her mask then puts it back on.
    she's obviously underwater, wouldnt the mask fill with water? or is the air pressurized enough to push water out the closer it gets to resealing on the face?

  2. Arvind Ahuja says

    I bought a Chinese FFM online ….it has a nose clip but no nasal …it has inbuilt second stage ..I have not tried it yet ..can u pls give your email I'd I will send u photos ..I have query as to how to defog, how to equalise & how to release the positive pressure from it

  3. b st john says

    When u get a chance cheque out my channel i just posted a 100ft+ dive

  4. b st john says

    Love how you say equalize my exo has finger pockets just like a normal mask

  5. SeikiBrian says

    My FFM has a soft nose pocket, just like traditional masks, but this style isn't very common. Kirby-Morgan, OTS, Scubapro, and maybe a couple of other companies make them, but I've never seen anyone else wearing one "in the wild."

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