Tour of POLOSUB in Rome – The BEST spearfishing wetsuits in the world.

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Over the summer I was invited by Polosub owner and founder Giuliano Tagliacozzo to Rome where he would show me the inner workings of this iconic hand made Italian wetsuit brand.

I have been using Polosub suits since 2012 and honestly believe they are the best available suits on the market for spearfishing. I’ve been in the tropics of Australia and Tonga in 3.5mm suits, 5.5mm suits in the winters & southern areas of Australia and all the way into the Arctic Circle in Norway in these suits.


Best foot pockets I use with DiveR blades
Get better at spearfishing!
Dive torch I am using in Europe
No frills dive knife
Wetsuits –


Camera I film everything on
Lens I use all the time
Lens I use when it’s dark
ND I use (Essential!)
Microphone I use so you can hear me
Camera I use underwater
Need this for underwater camera
Drone I’m using
ND’s for drone
How to keep footage safe in remote places

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Rating: 4.86

  1. Pierris Panagakos says

    Καλησπέρα αγαπητέ φίλε μου πόσο κοστίζει μια στολή 5 m, 4n, euro,?

  2. Predator says

    Wow great Channel I am scuba diver I don't do spearfishing but I'm really impressed with your videos especially the one around the workshop thank you keep up good work people love you all around the world

  3. Northern Ninja Runner says


  4. good job

  5. AccordJDM says

    Daniel in your opinion is open cell significantly warmer than lined? I find it a hassle to lube up so not sure if I should try open cell…

  6. Ruy José says

    Salute do Brasil®/
    Itália o país do Design e do refinado Acabamento®/

  7. David Orchard says

    Had a dive in NZ in 16deg water with a 3mm Csub wet suit and lasted over an hour.It's all about the rubber.

  8. Qni Jelqzkov says

    good job keep going mate

  9. DeepBlueSpirit2 says

    I get asked what is the highest priority if you need to purchase a gun, fins, etc. Depends… but for me if I can't dive comfortably, my bottom time, body language, etc is less good. So for me first is a wetsuit that protects my body and keeps it nicely warm. Then only if money is left I would buy fins, and thenafter…. a better or new speargun. 😉 POLOSUB customized is br FAR my best investment for spearfishing and freediving!

  10. Vadim Rokhlenko says

    I have one since 2012. One side lined 3.5mm pants/5.5mm jacket. Minimal compression, very high quality. Pants required some gluing, jacket is bulletproof – except for a few fish bites. Priced very competitively. Thank you, Polosub!

  11. Enri Lobato Chennells says

    Absolutly the best web suites in the world !!! In spain we apreciate them a lot even second hand!! There aré good suits then theres polosub

  12. Ternate Spearo says

    hay daniel, the wets can possible for 2mm also?

  13. dakulte says

    Nice movie 😉

  14. AndrosRG says

    2:32 "So one shits one's suit. Normally." I personally don't even pee in my suit, but then again this guy can have all the suits he want.

  15. IMMERSVS E. says

    Un vídeo muy bonito. Polosub a los ojos de todos en casa.
    Un trabajo muy controlado y ahí están los resultados, probablemente los mejores trajes para Apnea y Pesca submarina que existen en la actualidad.

  16. Sergio Marin López says

    Calidad suprema Giuliano

  17. Kelly Kemp says

    So cool to see how they are made Thankyou

  18. BurninatorTheTrogdor says

    Haven't taken mine out yet but it's a true 7mm. Looks amazing and fit is perfect also. Should be great in the water. Got fitted at Spear America. Petros is the best!

  19. Tom Rossi says

    An excellent film you have made there, such bespoke high quality!

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