Vintage Scuba: Regulators – What Should I Buy? – S06E01

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Interested in buying a vintage regulator but don’t know what to look for? Alec explains the difference between a display vs diving regulator and how to get it working perfectly.

*** In this episode of Vintage Scuba ***
▶︎ display regulators:
– 1961 Northhill “Air-Lung”, solid bronze, built in J valve
– 1961 Healthways “DeLuxe SCUBA”, #1611, $52.50 USD
▶︎ diving regulators:
– 1972 US Divers, Aqua-Lung “Aqua-Master”
– 1962 Voit “50 Fathom”

Vintage Double Hose:
– parts, service, upgrades, manuals & catalogs
– home of the modern “Kraken” double hose regulator

Watch “Alec Peirce at the Ranch” for home and ranching ideas.

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Pricediver says

    Do you sale the US diver double hose reg by any chance on ur ebay? I am interested in buying one

  2. Jacques Poirier says

    we are not all alike persons, to me , if I ever find a nothhill regulator, it will be a real challenge to make it perform as new, even if I have to adapt or fabricate parts as high and low perssure seats, diaphragm etc. I completely restored an Evinrude Aquanaut when all replacement parts have been retired from the market about 50 years ago, a fun and very challenging project

  3. Reza Gorji says

    Thank you for the educational video. Can you perhaps make a video or explain below why one would want to dive with double hose regulators? I understand the nostalgic attraction. What cause the industry to move towards single hose regulators? Your perspective would be very valuable. Thank you.

  4. Pricediver says

    Hey Alec Great video again!! Thank you for the information 🙂 I wanted to get a double hoses regulator for a long time. And I visited vintage double Is the "Kraken" regulator a fully upgraded regulator? Will it work with modern BCDs?

  5. Frogwoman Org says

    Thanks for another interesting video!
    I do have a technical question about double hose regulators:
    What would happen if you would disconnect (or cut) the Outtake hose underwater?
    Could you continue to dive? Would it stop working somehow?

  6. martin bachmann says

    Brother Alec, a most excellent video; in fact, I watched it twice over back-to-back. In one of your other awesome videos you had mentioned DACOR double-hoses, & how well made they were. But after viewing this video, it makes me think that perhaps "parts" would be hard to come by? What would you think about this? (and thanks again for GREAT teaching!)

  7. MDO VIDEO says

    I read your reply and I live near the Waccamaw river

  8. Darren Ricks says

    Yes sir can u email me at im looking for vintage oceanways pacific goggles.

  9. troop1026 says

    Great video my friend. I have several non work two hose regulator display units. Would love to see one get fixed up to dive with. Ps. Tami is now a certified open water Naui diver. Cheers my friend.

  10. MDO VIDEO says

    My name is Michael and I live in South Carolina and the rivers are very dark and poor visibility

  11. John Smith says

    Alec, Thank you for making such awesome videos. Its really awesome and I love how frequently you put them up! Its so great to have a new video to watch almost every day! Love the vintage scuba series! Thank you so much for your time

  12. Tom Knudsen says

    You have told more times than few how guys back in the day just wanted to be tough frogmens and how they made their own gear and stuff.. But while i did grasp that reality, i did not fully think about it. This is because you are a good teacher and very calm individual when describing.. But looking at all your vintage videos you cannot help getting a window into this "old" times of diving, and that is why I love hearing all the stories and seeing all the cool old gear. As a professional videographer and photographer I actually have wanted to get the double hose regulator, just to get away from the bubbles a bit. Rebreathers I do not want to go near, those things are dangerous he he.. But after watching your videos and especially the pool testing the Kraken, i was intreaged.. Looking further into vintage gear, I came accross a video on YouTube of an very int older diver, talking about the good old days. Actually got me laughing as he still acted just how you described how frogmen was back in the day he he.. Funny enough, he was still acting the same 50 years later.. Anyway I digress, thank you for showing all these old diving gear.. My purchase will just have to wait, as I am currently doing my Dive Master course. Sorry for the long comment 😉

  13. TheRealToxicmissile says

    Wish someone could make a doublehose second stage.

  14. Ibanezjem2010 says

    I dive double hose almost exclusively now Alec. Almost all of it is with US Divers or Voit regulators. I do have a Dacor, Healthways and a Snark in dive ready condition too but don't dive them as much. I have the Phoenix conversion too.

  15. David S says

    Mike Nelson never needed anything but a Kabar to R&R his regulator 😉  Thanks Alec.

  16. Ralph M says

    Do you believe that double hose regulators will make a comeback? I have watched your video about the new double hose regulator that is now being made. Your videos are always very informative. Thank you very much for doing them.

  17. MDO VIDEO says

    I've never used a double hose regulator before but I haven't been scuba diving in over 2 years

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