Freediving | How to weight yourself the right way easy guide

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Today we are talking about how to weight yourself when Freediving deeper. Its a tricky thing to get just the right weights on so i hope this video will help free divers to fins that correct weighting for their dives Enjoy the video!

Link to Paul’s video

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Rating: 4.88

  1. Brett Ryder says

    how aboot 20 feet in very new

  2. Crystal Freediving says

    I would say neutral buoyancy between 10-12 is ok for even 40-60 meters to dive 😉 And 15 is definitely too deep for 25 meters dive 😉 But overall – good explanation! Would make a video about the same subject on my channel as well with a little bit more explanations 😉

  3. edrisseasm says

    Hey man, when are you coming back? Long time no videos.

  4. Kevin Grunert says

    I am part of a whole family that likes to spearfish. My Mother is always looking for new information to increase her skill level. I showed her your channel and she was able to reinforce a lot of her knowledge. Thank you for having such clear and easy to understand videos'.

  5. Abdul Aleem Shekhani says


    You're probably laughing at me right now, aren't you?

    Kickass bro, you're also inactive now, wwhhyyyyyyy

  6. undergroundblu says

    Thanks bro! Love your attitude, and great information!

  7. Simon Hansmann says

    Watched pauls vid how come he decends without kicking? Arent his lungs filled with are fully or what?

  8. clemente miranda says


  9. udi Dagan says

    another way i learned is to float with your suit on, and with the aid of a partner start adding weights to your belt. when you get to the point that you are upright in the water and only your head out of the water -exhale all the air out . you need to sink to a point that your head is under water but you dont keep on sinking. when you breath again you should float with your head outside the water.
    when i change suits i do that first, and then go down to 10 meters and make sure im "leveled" 🙂

  10. AJ Lani says

    If my body weight is any where from 200-220lb and im using a 1.5mm wetsuit. How much weight should i use if im dive to about 60-80ft freediving? Please help me. My email is localboi_hunta18. Thank you

  11. Opexmans says

    i have a 3mm wetsuit, and my body weight is 70 kg,  so about how much weight should i actually use ?

  12. William Wirt says

    Great video bro. I spend 99% of my time in 15 to 20 ft. what is your suggestion for weighting? i use a 7mm open cell suit.  

  13. pedde says

    Gr8 video m8.. although I personally buoyant at 5m when I spearfish because alot fish around 5-10m here in Norway

  14. onlychevys Williams says

    Thumbs up for sure! Thanks for all the helpful vid's bro!

  15. Jakub Przybyszewski says

    Great vid 🙂

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