Tips for the Bearded Diver

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Here are a few handy tips for the follically endowed diver.

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  1. Julian Naranjo says

    First tip for bearded divers… Shave…

  2. Alex Tremblay says

    So real the second day of my open water a had to shave and now i juste alway clean m'y mask all the time whithou notice it or touch my mask

  3. Kevin Esmeier says

    I shave a small spot right under my nose at the top of my stache. Mark does it too see 1:27.

  4. Luke Webb says

    Good video, What mask is used as the example to change your mask –  that seals above the moustache ? Thank you

  5. Chris van Wyk says

    I'm a PADI Instructor in Kenya, one way to dive with a beard is to put your mask on, mark where the mask seal meets your beard and trim a nice line so that your mask seals nicely along your facial hair lines.

  6. tom4od says

    I just did my first dive today with a massive beard & moustache (about 6 months growth). The first mask I was given was completely fine. It only let a few drops in and wasn’t really noticeable. The second dive I was given another mask which just leaked completely. I quickly switched back to the previous one. Overall I don’t think you need to shave the beard (as a novice diver at least). It’s worth trying a few masks if one leaks.

  7. 01010000 01001001 01000111 says

    Shave it stubbles better

  8. whysosyria1 says

    I hate my beard, ill shave and in one month is full again.

  9. Rick Kinney says

    Funny. I like the light-hearted approach to this subject. 🙂 By the way, are there any "grease it" products that are NOT recommended for use with today's silicone masks?

  10. Provuk SMC says

    fullbeard here: im using the subgear devils mask and before the dive ill shave of half a mm direkt under my nose. no one ever noticed unless i told them and since the mask has such a thin rubberlip it creates a perfect seal. only after the 4th dive it starts to hurt a bit, because the mask will allways be right on that spot where you shaved and the reg is also pushing against it from the other side. so if ur up for just a few dives a day i can totally recommend this mask.

  11. jack scott says

    I've got a better beard than grizzly adams. and I'm thinking of just going with goggles and a snorkel. has anyone tried this option. I'm just talking about snorkeling

  12. Robert Thompson says

    Carmax(chapstick) works great. Frameless masks are also awesome.

  13. Christopher Brand says

    Ya shave it off is really not a tip

  14. unisuit says

    Shave a 2-4mm patch under the nose. that small strip of skin will be enough to make a good seal. PS. its required for Men to wear a flavor saver when diving Dry suits.

  15. joshua smith says

    It's a bit on the extreme side, but a person with a beard, can always helmet dive.

  16. Skunki says

    When the USA went into WW1 the G.Is were equiped with one-way shavers from Gillette so they could shave themselves in the trenches in order to make gas mask fit tight to the face. The purpose is the same.

  17. dreamerofnights says

    great video I have a full 4+ inch beard looking for a full face mask what do you recomend ?

  18. dharmapunk5 says

    I typically don't have a mustache, but I do have a long beard. I tuck my beard into the hood of my outer jacket, It works just fine. Note my beard is about 5" long at the moment.

  19. John McGuinness says

    you forgot to mention the range of masks for the follically endowed at 🙂

  20. dlondon1144 says

    I have a full beard and tache but I carefully shave a couple of mm's under my nose before a dive to give a smidge of bare skin. It works pretty well for me. I wear a low-profile Beaver frameless mask with a silicone skirt and have no problems achieving a good seal.

  21. Dan Stone says

    Any issues with a full face mask?

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