Decathlon World's Best Snorkelling Mask Easybreath new gadget

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Decathlon World’s Best Snorkelling Mask Easybreath new gadget. Trying and testing of Snorkelling mask from decathlin with new technology where the snorkel is already attached to the goggles mask. We are unboxing and trying the mask underwater in a swimming pool in Egypt.

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Decathlon Snorkeling Mask

Filmed with Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Take a Chance Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Rating: 3.86

  1. Disliked because you putted in the computer voice

  2. MUJHOOL says

    How deep can you go with this?

  3. taliban1248 says

    So it is possible to dive with it? No water goes in?

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