Packing Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD wrong even though it works

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This is a video of how much that fit into the bag which it arrived with. The BCD should be packed as Scubapro instructs and not like this even though it worked fine.
Packing a BCD can sometimes be really stressful. First it needs to dry and then make sure it’s emptied again before completely deflating and putting it down in a bag or luggage.
Since the Scubapro Hydros Pro dries very fast and the bungee cords on the sides are quite effective, it deflates quite much before you need to manually deflate the rest. This saves time and more convenient for the lazy.
Here’s a video of how much that can actually fit in the backpack that comes with the Hydros Pro BCD. It fits alot, but not all of my dive gear, as you will see. Also I filmed this without knowing how to adjust the tank strap and hence some struggle while trying to lock it in place.
The backpack size when full is about – Height: 52cm, width: 32cm and depth: 22cm.

To see some features, inflation/deflation and weight:

To see what the package contained after purchase:

Filmed with:
Olympus OM-d E-M1 Mk II
M. Zuiko DIGITAL MFT 14-42 mm 3.5-5.6 II R silver

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Rating: 3.85

  1. Donkee says

    I have now corrected the title. As Jeff Morgan says "By no means is the Hydros fragile though". Although all dive equipment should be handled with care and correct. See this video as an instruction how not to fold this BCD. I've now had this BCD for four trips with more than 60 dives. It really is a durable BCD.

  2. Jeff Morgan says

    I have both Al 80 and Steel 100 tanks. I don't dive my aluminums much so with the tank strap set for the steel 100 I don't need to adjust the tank strap at all when packing this BC. Just fold the BC as SCUBAPRO suggest and the strap should reach just fine without making adjustments and I have the Air 2 so I have a wee bit more bulk with that regulator on my rig all though its below the tank strap location and likely makes no difference.

  3. Jeff Morgan says

    I would also agree with SCUBA Pro's packing configuration with the top of the Hydros BC upright. My concern with this video is having the top shoulder dump valve towards the bottom of the back pack. If the backpack was set down on the ground hard or slipped off the back of the hauler the valve may take an unnecessary impact. By no means is the Hydros fragile though. I am personally after one year of use still very impressed at how much dive crap I can shove in what look like a small backpack! Reality is the Hydros BC when packed up is very compressed. I even keep my mask inside the plastic retail box and stow a second regulator for my pony tank along with large dive light, and a lot of other small dive accessories.


    you folded the bcd wrong and you put it into the backpack upside down……or should I say, you did it nothing like the video from Scubapro which shows the right way! thanks for the effort anyway

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