Scuba Tech Tips: Scuba Diving Hoods – S03E14

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Keeping your head warm and comfortable while diving is a smart idea. Alec offers his tips on the important features to look at when buying a dive hood, from tropical to arctic waters.

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Rating: 4.92

  1. Dragomir Ronilac says

    25% is pure bullshit myth… It is exactly the same ration of heat losing by the head like by the rest of the body.

  2. Pricediver says

    I just got a 7mm wetsuit and a 7/4 hood. Will I feel too warm if I dive in warm water?

  3. henry potts says

    yes  hi  alex  I  am  trying  to  buy  a  smoothskin  neoprene  scuba  diving  wetsuit   I  need  pants  jacket  and  hood  similar to  seahunt  I have  tried  everywhere  and  cant  buy one  I see  you  have  plenty  and  need  to  buy one  in  size  xxl can u help

  4. Daniel DeBey says

    Thank you for the videos Alec.
    I had a quick question about hoods. Do you recommend a 5mm or 7mm hood in Monterey, CA? Water temp is usually around 55F.

  5. Azym Asger says

    Heyy Alec.
    Please make a video about different cylinder sizes in Litres. Having trouble choosing which cylinder is suitable

  6. Joel L. says

    Hi alec.
    i really like the idea of that ball cap style hood for my Dominican trips in winter.

    my qwestion is because i myself am also follicly challenged, how well does it stay on your head while under water,
    and/or do i need to line it with double sided tap (lol)

  7. Joel L. says

    its funny.
    i just sent you questions on hoods.
    and then i gound this video afterwords…

  8. Gene Jameson says

    Hello Alec, I really appreciate your videos. Always quite helpful. I'm coming in a little late on this one, but hopefully you will pick up my question. What is your advice on hooded vests? Both the kind with the long bibs that cover the torso and the kind that is like a sleeveless top with a hood. Say a 5/3mm. I dive SoCal in water in the low 50's. Was thinking a hooded vest, under a 7mm wetsuit, would be a good combo in our cool waters. Thanks for your insights. You and Kevin do a great job!. BTW, I was a huge Sea Hunt fan as a kid. Thx, Gene Jameson (Subscriber).

  9. Caleb says

    Awesome tech tips! I have made a lot of purchase decisions based on your video. Please keep up the good work!

  10. Ibanezjem2010 says

    I wear hoods all the time.

  11. diver dave says

    never ever tuck your hood into your suit because it will help pour water into your suit ! I've been out on days when the air temp was below zero and the water was 32 degree's… Henderson sells a 7/5mm hood that will keep your head very warm

  12. Andrew McInnes says

    hello Alec I have been diving for the last 10 year's I'm a commercial diver.. maybe a good tec tip could be different jobs in the diving world..

  13. Mrclean409 says

    Great Video! Me and my wife are new to diving, on the hoods, how loose/tight should the neck be. Some fit your neck but are almost impossible to put on others are little loose on the neck. Will that matter when you dive? Thanks for any info.

  14. 440wedge says

    This may be a minor point but something I'm curious about: Should the mask strap be worn underneath the hood or on the outside? Does it matter? I typically wear it underneath the hood as extra protection against losing the mask, although I see a lot of other people doing it the other way.

  15. MrNotebookguy says

    It's all your fault Kevin

  16. ss109guy says

    Alec, thanks very much.

  17. Hussain Ali says

    Info like a gold, thanks

  18. Tom Knudsen says

    Hi could you please make a video about replacing latex seals, or chaning latex seals with closed dry glove ring seal

  19. Talal Abujaber says

    Would you recommend the scuba pro r109 and techna first stage for diving in Aqaba Jordan its in the red sea

  20. Beach Outdoors says

    Nice video

  21. Egor Olteanu says

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post all the videos! Very useful and easy to watch…Watched them all in 2 days 🙂

    Some ideas for future videos, but please feel free to ignore:
    – Dry Suit Guide
    – Wet Suit Guide
    – Rebreathers Guide
    – Nitrox (also heard about Heliox diving??? )
    – Jacket vs back inflation BCD

    A huge thanks again!

    Bay Area, California.

  22. r0ookie says

    love the tips, keep 'em coming
    Kudos from Australia

  23. Jeff Greenfield says

    Just a note that sometimes a hood can seal a bit too well and trap air between it and the ears…this can cause a painful ear squeeze when one starts to descend.  One remedy is, prior to descending, pull each side of the hood away from the face to allow a bit of water in.  Your head will warm up this layer of water so the hood will continue to insulate, and it will prevent the ear squeeze issue.

  24. E-Boat tanit says

    Love your vid

  25. Slick85 says

    Great informative video as always. Thank you Alec. Could you make a tech tip video on what to buy and when for people that are new to scuba. First equipment to buy, after this many dives consider investing in______. A day one diver shouldn't go out and spend $1000 on a dive computer. I'm new to the sport, Ive seen all your videos. I really appreciate the fact that you don't plug all your products, you merely show the full range of equipment from top of the line to basic models and sometimes you throw in some of your antiques. You're fun to watch and keep the presentation interesting and to the point, along with all of your personal pointers, Thanks again for greatly enhancing my knowledge of the dive world.

  26. Karl Marx says

    +++++ wow! thanks, always a wealth of knowledge!

  27. Hyperbarico says

    Been watching your channel for a while, keep it going. Greetings from Germany

  28. Ivory Johnson says

    I just subscribed to your channel …learning a whole lot please keep the information coming I hope to meet you one day and say thanks in person. I would like to suggest some more on dive computers as well

  29. Waleed12345 All a a bi says

    Thanks a lot

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