Aqualung i770R Air Integrated Dive Computer

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Checkout the newest addition to the Aqualung lineup, the i770r! This full color, air integrated dive computer is a great compliment to the brand, and a strong competitor to all dive computers. It’s easy to use menu, air integration, easy viewing screen, and compact design make it a solid performer. Learn more at Dive Right In Scuba

Rating: 4.35

  1. Julie S says

    Nice that it offers the ability to see how much other's tank settings are. I am a relatively new diver and find it difficult to communicate underwater and anxiety provoking.

  2. Dan Rodarte says

    Not LED, it's TFT.

  3. John-Edward Alley, Jr. says

    Is this unit Made in USA as are the other new Aqua Lung computers?

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