ProDive Dry Top Snorkel & Diving Mask Set

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ProDive Dry-Top Snorkel and Mask works EXACTLY as advertised!! I live on the Gulf Coast and enjoy snorkeling. I’ve used similar snorkel sets, as well as, full face mask snorkels and each one has their quirks. This set I have absolutely no issues with, I’m happy to say! The lenses do not fog up, unlike other brands that say they have “anti-fogging” lenses, but you still need to wet them or use the anti-fog spray. The snorkel attaches to the strap with a clip and remains secure. The mask fits my face comfortable and I do not need to overtighten the head strap to keep the face mask on.

The most important feature is the dry valve works and it is easy to breathe through! I have used a dry valve before that was designed differently and when I would lean forward the valve would close and I was unable to breathe. The previous dry valve I also had to push my air out and suck it in hard. This dry valve moves effortlessly, so you are not having to focus on working your breath to move the dry valve! Everything about this snorkel set I am very pleased by! I give it two thumbs up and 5 stars!!

Rating: 4.55

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