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The BCD (short for Buoyancy Control Device) allows divers to control their buoyancy by inflating or deflating a bladder to achieve positive, neutral or negative buoyancy. BCDs come is a vast range of styles that are designed for different types of diving ranging standard recreational BCDs to technical wing and harness systems.
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  1. Ron Beatty says

    That music is annoying, distracting and unnecessary. The content of the video was good, but I could not finish it. Please do vids without music. Best regards!

  2. Cernath Stypes says

    About that secret treasure map…

  3. WolfGaming FX says

    Hey Mark,

    So I know this comment is very late, but I have a question what BCD is best for traveling divers (like me ) just wanted to know your opinion.


    Much appreciated


  4. josh C. says

    🙁 pls i want a scuba gear like mini dive scuba but in philippines dont sell scuba

  5. Disgruntled Mule says

    I use the Scubapro Hydros Pro. Used to use a Zegal,

  6. HUGE8612 says

    How do I know how much lift I will need?

  7. Eng. Fatma Dashti says

    Thank you for such brief it was very useful actually I have 2 BC from Cressi and both are weight integrated with mainly the problem I have is with the size where my size is xs and sometimes s .. I wish to have a BACK FLOTATION BC but I'm afraid of the buoyancy .. if u have any advice plz send me .. by the way I'm a divemaster .. thank you again

  8. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    Nice, gives people a lot to think about..

  9. kaeptenxy 356 says

    what about a wing and Backplate set where you can easily chance the wing and dive doubles ore a single with an adapter thats what i started with and still have now fore doubles

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