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The Cressi Calibro has a Anti-Fog membrane build in which should prevent fogging inside the mask. So is this the innovation we’re all waiting for? Find out in our latest Cressi Calibro Review!

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Rating: 4.88

  1. 50ft Below says

    Still fogging up?! Check out our tips for defogging your Dive Mask:

  2. James Taylor says

    Is this mask good for snorkeling? Can you tell me a great mask for a snorkel. Love you reviews. Thank you so much

  3. RACCHIETTO says

    You said that, since the mask is low volume, you need to equalise more often, but everyone else and the manufacturer itself claim a low volume mask doesn't need to be equalised as much as a high volume one. Would you care to explain?

  4. ADCF Productions says

    Am i the only one who uses saliva as an antifogger?? And it always works. And it's free!!!

  5. Russ Buckwalter says

    Useless review..mask fogs until antifog applied. I have this mask and like it but you still need defogger.

  6. Duaa B says

    Thank you for the review, I bought one now but I can’t unhook the strap yo put the pad on it.. did u figure out a way to?

  7. Kimon Froussios says

    * uses mask as is *
    * mask fogs up *
    * sprays antifog *
    * attributes lack of fogging to mask design, instead of antifog *
    Bulletproof logic…

    Besides, masks fog up even when breathing only through the mouth, thanks to warm skin humidity. Nose isolation can't fix that. So cooling the skin and coating the lenses will still be necessary.

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