Testing A small scuba tank you can use under water for 3:30 min

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Spare Air Is meant for certified divers only. All use at your own risk.
Refills from regular scuba tank.
Spare Air used in the video:
Spare Air small:
You will need this adapter to refill:

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  1. Christian Wedoy says

    It's called Spare air. http://amzn.to/2sO2gA3
    I'll make a review of the product this week

  2. Jim Jim says

    Dumbest invention ever

  3. Tin Man says

    This thing is extremely dangerous and should not be sold to the general public.

  4. Mike Jew says

    Is this good for emergency to keep in your car if you go underwater? Someone answer please

  5. how do you refill it?

  6. Glazzing Sun says

    I just tape a plastic bag around my mouth and reuse my oxygen xd

  7. Andrew Lee says

    If I were driving my car, for whatever reason I end up with my car submerged. I would definitely want one of these.

  8. LaserHawkFTW says

    Could you use something like this during free diving Incase you feel cramping in your gut and your under water? I understand from a lot of research while free diving you have to look out for these warning signs your about to KO! Under water that means your dead ☹️ My thinking is if your in fear. You could pull this out and then slowly make your way to the surface, but I’m seeing you don’t want to do that either because you can rupture your lungs. Can someone clarify this to me please

  9. Leng Thor says

    So you can stay under water for 3 mins with this? I can hold my breath longer then that.

    Dumb people, please use this as a las resort to not drown instead of a way to stay under water.

  10. Scuba Diver says

    This could be good for all sorts of reasons.
    1-I have almost ran out of air diving and just having his on you can get you another 3 minutes
    3-just emergencies that you can run out of air

  11. James Teng says

    How deep is that pool?

  12. Cory Connell says

    Everyone saying how dangerous this is and that it could kill you… But not one simple explanation of how to properly use this device. Fucking useless comments.

  13. Abdul Rahim says

    Who else followed his breathing rythm while watching this vid?

  14. Crypto Lord says

    Did you put 3,000 PSI ? How can the company say 60 breaths and 10 minutes ? And you say 3.30 minutes ?

  15. Jure Tomassini says

    I can go 20m deep and stay under for good two minutes, this thing would be very useful, but maybe also very dangerous, because I would probably want to go even deeper… Nice invention anyway

  16. Horrific Space says

    These are better than full face masks

  17. Peter Akers says

    Could you use this as an amateur diving no more than 3 – 4 metres for no more than 1 minute at a time or is that still a big no no?

  18. Manisha Yadav says

    ek no

  19. Mateo Prada says

    Ole .

  20. Black Knite says

    Where Did You Buy it

  21. Klaus Dalsgaard says

    Okay i dont have one, but considering to buy one. A lot of people saying that it is dangerous and stupid to use/buy one. But I still think it is pretty cool. My question is: if I am only going to use this breathing device on 2-3 max 4 meters depth, will it still be dangerous? On 4 meters it is not possible to get diving sickness (I am not entirely sure what it is called in English) if you raise to the surface to quick, right? BUT, even if I hold my breath from the very bottom to the surface by an accident if I panic if I am out of air or something like that, can I rupture my lungs? I am aware that they sell it kind of like a toy, but if i buy it I will of course use it with responsibility 🙂 if someone that has experience with this topic sees this comment, it would be much appreciated with a answer:) thx u

  22. How to Video game says

    Why it cost so much

  23. Garry Mcgrath says

    Using it at that depth you probably never will have a problem at deeper depths you could easy have very servere problems

  24. angry grandpa .F. says

    how much does it cost

  25. Valdano says

    what's the depth?

  26. beast02 Cortez says

    Before you buy there a cheaper option on amzon that only costs about 20 dollars

  27. Osteoperosis says

    This device will end people’s lives cause with out proper training you will explode a Lung it’s not safe

  28. I think if your going to invest in that much money into a spare air you should just get a poney bottle or a bailout bottle

  29. Derva Kommt von hinten says

    how do you refill it?

  30. kitkat says

    People swimming over him must be confused af

  31. Benjamin Stein says

    Test out dive portable lungs

  32. can you refill these back up with air does anyone know?

  33. Isaac Pinon says

    Can you refill them??

  34. Secret Chef says

    I looove those blue shorts

  35. Bucket List Badass says

    Put it in your mouth and breathe, simple. Who the hell wants to go down that deep anyhow? Maybe some of us want to make a video of us using this cool gadget. Our waste of $300, relax already!

  36. Xd HarmFullNess says

    Is this scuba tank safe for kids????

  37. Quentin Day says

    Click bait

  38. Matthew Wallbridge says

    how do your refill?

  39. METHOD ONE says

    You can breathe underwater for ages by simply inflating your ball-sack with your own farts, then using your penis as a snorkel. It takes practice, but it's possible.

  40. Sean B says

    This thing is like an airbag
    Kind of useless but reassuring nonetheless, making it useful in some way

  41. xtremecreators says

    Do you belive in mermaids

  42. Christian Wedoy says

    With a regular diving bottle

  43. Kalle Kilpinen says

    How to refile theese?

  44. keith c says

    Elizabeth …. I love being in water as much as I love seeing others enjoying themselves in it. When endorsing products like this, you need to keep in mind that sense was never common. There's always people willing to push the limits and go beyond what is recommended.

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