Scuba Tech Tips: Choosing A Dive Computer – S04E03

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Dive computers are an important, often mandatory, item for safe diving. Alec explains the key features of dive computers so you can pick what matches your diving and budget.

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Rating: 4.89

  1. Ron Beatty says

    Your 60 years of wisdom shows. Thanks!

  2. Geoff waterman says

    Ive just done my open water lic at 55. Why did i put it off?
    Question, instead of a compass can you get a gps tracker? Would be handy to log the exact position of the boat before heading off + easier to direction find your target objective.
    The university of practical experience has a lot to teach me.

  3. Zsolt Sz says

    Shouldn't the "little letters air" not just indicate that the computer is not set to nitrox?

  4. Anti Statsi Cutter says

    Nice shiny chrome draw Barracuda. If not using the non computer SPG, and using computers to gauge air. I’d prefer two computers to cross check any failures whether computer or non. Then again nothing is fail safe. And there will always be risk to Diving.

  5. Rusty Eel says

    computers are definitely are NOT 100% reliable. Three separate computers in one year, one scubapro, one oceanic and one cressi have all failed at critical time. take an analog gauge with you as a back up as a minimum.

  6. MrTyler8877 says

    are you from Indiana?

  7. al bundy says

    the second my internal cerebral computer processed the information =60 years diving .Its anti virus program turned itself off to allow your upload of information into my cortex.

  8. Yiannis Doritis says

    Thank you for the wonderful video!

  9. russell wright says

    I have an oceanic data max do you know how I can get info on it , its a 2nd hand unit ?

  10. Skeeter Saurus says

    While I have nothing but admiration for my wrist computer, I think I have to disagree about the 'full dive tables' we no longer have with us. While I still have ALL of my original (1980's) literature regarding the decompression stops, etc., it is (in my opinion) and absolute TRAGEDY that young students now can't hardly find the 'decompression tables' without someone explaining to them what they are, and where they came from…then, you have to give them a copy of them, or they'll NEVER FIND THEM! Again, I love NDL diving, and of course the '15-ft safety stop' (that, is in effect, a decompression stop anyhow)…but increasing the cost of certification (we know the PADI 'urban acronyms', right?) while removing material from the course is disingenuous to creating a 'highly-informed-diver'. Even if you only presented it in the AOW or Deep Water training courses, it could still be mentioned for 10-minutes in the OW Certification Course….right?

  11. iranicus says

    My local PADI dive center suggested the Cressi Leonardo for new recreational divers, it's one I'm thinking of at the moment but currently looking out for other ones too with planning to visit a couple of dive centers to see what the opinions are. When I was going through my PADI open water course back in 2014 we learned off tables only but now I am moving over to BSAC to do my Ocean diver then later Sports diver starting september I intend to get a computer as part of the core essentials like you recommended in a past video :>

  12. Carlo Kop says

    The most important feature about dive computers are ascending speed calculation and (no)decompression calculations. If you may pass your deco limits it will tell you when and how long your deco needs to be. It's much safer.

  13. SV methos scuba and sail says

    the wrist watch has a failure in it though. it can fall off or come off. the transmitter wont matter if your watch is missing off of your wrist. that is why i am leaning towards the air hose type. its attached and harder to lose.

  14. Ana Morales says

    Thank you so much! I purchased my first dive computer today 🙂

  15. martin bachmann says

    Overly simplified presentation- this guy is a real bosomhead.

  16. Adam Lucas says

    Hi Alec. Love the presentations. My only question for you: Does the very last set-up(air-integrated with a transmitter) also have a compass function?

  17. Sheila O'Neil says

    Just found your channel and I've enjoyed every video so far. I'm binge watching and learning a great deal. My first Dive was in 1972, then I wasn't able to dive again until 78. I went to college in the 2nd driest state in the US. I'm just getting back into diving since I stopped in the 1990's and I'm so glad to hear about the dive computers. I'm an older diver and I appreciate when you mention the ease with which our eyes can see the various gauges. If you haven't done a segment on corrected vision masks (I use readers only) I'd love to see one. If you have- I'll find it.

  18. jellyfishattack says

    Hi Alec, I love your informative videos. I just got padi ow certified (Georgian Bay). We were shown how to use computers, but had to learn how to use either the tables, or the eRDPml for all tests and the final exam. I felt that learning how to use the tables forced me to truly understand how depth, time, SIs, Res Ni, and PGs relate to one another and allowed you to dive safely w/out deco. Yes, I know they all track theoretical Ni absorption, and that no one learns the same way. I just used the tables to reinforce my general understanding. Because math was never my strong point, I used the dummy-proof eRDPml to double-check my answers. I understand the relative uselessness of using the tables, and the numerous advantages to using a dive computer. I think I'll buy a less expensive wrist computer now, and get an air-integrated computer when I buy my gear soon. I need bifocals and every year, I need stronger ones, so I think an air-integrated computer on a console might be best to see the numbers for me.

  19. Daryl Davis says

    No offense I probably the old guy,but the thought you can not dive without a computer is ludicrous to me. I all about being safe but seems some are turned off about diving because of money and you going throw an oh yeah 600-1g computer as icing on the cake. I tell many who want start if they have the ability to line hands with 100.00 bills. I get it’s not a cheep hobby but I also try warn newbies about it.

  20. Rick Kinney says

    Alec, could you consider a video on how to use a dive computer to track your dives for entry into a dive log? How does all the information get input? What information is provided by the computer, what needs to be recorded at the dive site and how does it all get into your dive log? Do you recommend using dive computer software and is it worth the extra cost to have the quick disconnect feature on your dive console? What do dive resorts and dive boats accept in the way of dive logs, electronic or hard copy, and are the electronic computer logs something that they have a way to access? Do we do print outs of dive profiles or anything to insert into a physical log book? As always, your advice is much appreciated. Thanks,

  21. diver dave says

    make sure to buy a Submersible Scooter so that you won't need to be in shape to dive !

  22. Christer Lagerkvist says

    Great channel! What a privilege to be able to learn from someone with such rich experience. Thanks for sharing!

  23. jeff sebastian says

    What about full face mask

  24. Logan Mogford says

    I dive with a computer and ive also learnt tables because if your computer packs up what are u going to do without tables and also ive been diving for 2 years

  25. Paul Bill says

    What do you think of buying a used hoseless, air-integrated computer, as opposed to a new one? Do they hold up pretty well over time and is there a maximum age that I should consider?
    Thanks! I found your channel 2 days ago and have been binge watching over here!

  26. Paulo Almeida says

    Sir, you are the best! Thank you for all info! Cheers from Brazil!

  27. YOYO says

    Youre very informative! Where are you from in indiana? I live in southern IL

  28. sparky obrian says

    after 41 years of diving, Alex's presentation finally talked me into a computer… never saw that coming lol

  29. Chris Higgins says

    I'm not sure if you do any Tec diving or not but I have a computer question. Let's say your dive plan is 100ft with 30 min of bottom time with nitrox 32. 2 stops short stop at 50 then one at 20ft.

    You agree on the plan you dive the dive and your but your computer does not agree. Maybe the computer adds a stop or does a stop at a different depth.

    If you ignore a stop on your computer you may be locked out or it may add stops.

  30. Chris Higgins says

    Great video as well. One thing to add is button size and gloves. If you wear heavy gloves the thinner watch style can be hard to push buttons with 5ml gloves.

  31. Alain Dumesny says

    idea for another tech video – different computer algorithms. On recent class one of the instructor recommended against certain brands of computers for being too conservative – that your buddy/group might not want to dive with you as you may run out of deco time before everybody else… Suunto (have the cobra, but no issue as my buddy runs out of air before I do anyway) being one of them – can you touch more on that ?

  32. Roy Cabalo says

    You're videos have been great and I've watched many of them. The vintage gear is pretty amazing. I started diving on 1983 and you've taught me alot. With regards to this particular video I have that same combination that you have the I450t. It is an amazing set up!!

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