5 Of Our Favourite Dive Computers

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5 Of Our Favourite Dive Computers
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Put simply dive computers use a depth sensor and a timer to work out how fast you absorb gases into your body by using an algorithm inside them. The deeper and longer you stay down the faster you absorb the gases you’re breathing and your computer monitors your depth and time at all times.

Your dive computer keeps you safe and has multiple alarms to let you know if you go down too deep, ascend too fast or if you have an air integrated computer it will even tell you how long your air will last.

When you ascend during a dive your computer will automatically go into a safety stop and tell you what depth to stay at and count down how long for. Most computers today alarm when you do something wrong like ascend too fast or stay down too long so you can concentrate more on the dive at hand.

– Mares Smart –
– Suunto Eon Core –
– Aqua Lung i300C –
– Shearwater Perdix –
– Scubapro Mantis –

– Suunto
– Shearwater
– Scubapro
– Mares
– Aqua Lung
– Mark Newman
– Shaun Johnson
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Rating: 4.68

  1. Fernando Komatsu says

    What do you think about the Garmin Decent MK1

  2. Henry Coulter says

    please get rid of the annoying music that plays behind your reviews

  3. Insel Hopper says

    It would be great if you could mention the actual price.
    (Of course, that varies but a roundabout would help a lot)

  4. John Rambo says

    Turn them on u puppy puppy…

  5. CiobY SEAL says

    Good review, I have the scubapro m2 dive and after 4 dives the select button pop out, the button was replaced in warranty and after other 6 dives another button stopped to respond while pressed and now is again back to warranty. I liked the computer at the beginning but to have this issues all the time is not acceptable. I hope that when I will take it back to not have this problem again. For sure I will not by any scubapro dive computers again. I just bought a suunto vyper novo as a second dive computer, but I didn't had time till now to test it. I just hope that I will not have the same problems like with my m2.

  6. Yousif Jawher says

    Thanks for the video, but I wish you talked more about the specs father than the looks and variations.

  7. Kyle Martin says

    Unless you're on a tight budget, the Perdix is the only dive computer to have. I absolutely love mine. Not sure why you would get anything else!

  8. josh friesen says

    the grmin MK1 looks sick, and i have a vivoactive that i love, but i am wary of a watch that is made to cover so many activities….. its like if you played just hockey, or play hockey and also 3 other sports….. you would be much better at hockey if you were to concentrate your efforts on one sport rather than multiple.

  9. Caleb says

    I have both the Perdix AI and SP M2. The M2 was my biggest dive purchase mistake.

  10. Tarek Itani says

    Have you tried the Garmin decent mk1? Its all you need in a smart watch

  11. Geffrey Back says

    Could you guys please check out the Garmin Descent MK1 dive computer? Thanks.

  12. weiniesail says

    how is the teric not on the list?

  13. HypnoticAbyss says

    i bought the Suunto Vyper Novo

  14. MW says

    No Deepblu Cosmiq+ ?? Why? My day is bad now 🙁 I will tell you why: Because it have color display, bluetooth, looking good, good price – and you can connect it to Deepblu app that works as Facebook…..more? Well yes…It hopefully com in a watch size model.

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