10 Weirdest Dive Suits

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mark counts down some of the most bizarre and strangest dive suits ever created.
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Rating: 4.55

  1. Pricediver says

    Alec Pierce !!

  2. Awsome Benjynaro says

    2:31 you’re a freaking genius you idiot!!!

  3. Gaming Champ says
  4. Garies says

    i'm still new to scuba, but recently found your videos so I know its long after its posted, but still quite fun and entertaining..
    Just 1 quick question, isn't putting pets in a dive suit cruel? not the part of putting a cat in water, but how do they equalize? So wouldn't this hurt them?

  5. The Meme Doctor says

    3:42 Alec Pierce!

    Back with another tech tip, how to attract bees underwater

  6. creme shaver says

    The diving suit for pets is awesome. Back off

  7. Bernard Castiera says

    The best suit
    The Viking HD 1500 with the aquadyne AH3 helmet

  8. Jett Mcleod says

    2:46 bioshock confirmed

  9. Joseph Atnip says

    You think these look weird then you've never seen me in a dive skin….. it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination

  10. YD CLOD says

    What about the oldest survived diving suit? (Wanha Herra / old gentleman)

  11. fink% says

    The 1700 one looks like a scp aho else agrees with me

  12. Jeffrey Bohémier says

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the suit made by Parkway. And they were no different than anything made by U.S. Divers, Henderson, or other companies at the time. In fact, I’ve gotta say, the Farmer John models that were so common back then were actually warmer than the one piece suits made today. Yeah, they required more weights, but they were warmer nonetheless. They tended to have more features as well, including the all important spine pad that’s often missing from today’s suits (due to the zipper being located there instead). They didn’t stretch like today’s suits, so if you weren’t the right size for an “off the rack” suit, you paid a little bit extra and purchased a custom made suit. Those have all but gone away. Suits have improved greatly when it comes to fit, but the stretchy neoprene tends to break down faster, so they don’t last near as long. Also more common back then were “skin in” suits that, while harder to don, were definitely warmer than anything made today.

  13. Interstellarpool176 says

    0:32 oh…ohmy. What am i looking at

  14. Brian Fuller says

    Thanx for the video.

  15. Toasty says

    2:44 looks like a bioshock bouncer

  16. fezzes says

    i was half expecting the newt suit lol

  17. Gabriel Reynolds says

    the submarine armor looked kool

  18. Waggoner Kranmer says

    3:41 – “Alec Pierce here, with another techtip!!”
    No, it’s from the vintage scuba series!! Hahahaha
    I love him!! He is amazing.

  19. Thewarbringe says

    Some of these suits were actually pioneers In The field.

  20. Ocean Man says

    You need more subscribers!

  21. Ian Meade says

    I think this video really misses the point of a lot of these suits. Most of the more exoskeletal looking armor suits were designed to be lowered to depths thousands of feet deep, such is the need for the robust design. So don't just be knocking it.

  22. Montgomery Bills says

    The first pick looks like captain cutler from scooby doo yeah I’m kinda of a nerd

  23. SilverSnake says

    WTF is that fallout 4?

  24. Bill Cornelius says

    ….underwater lumberjack…outstanding!

  25. Dmitry Barker-Privalov says

    Hey please could you do a video comparing £500 and £170 BCD's, I would like to know if its worth the money or whether there is not much difference?? thanks

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