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You will need to carry a dive knife with you every time that you go spearfishing.
A dagger is perfect for spearfishing as it has a pointed tip to spike your fish, a smoothly sharpened blade for slicing fish for burly, and a serrated edge for cutting through ropes. It is also important to consider how the dive knife is strapped and how it can be taken out for use.

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  1. M. S. says

    Most of these knives are daggers. Where I live its illegal to carry a dagger. I just use a Mora Fishing Scaler knife.

  2. Wim M says

    Awesome info.
    Thanks very much

  3. Rheyza says

    Poseidon for me.

  4. Gab Briel says

    No link?

  5. Dino says

    my left ear really enjoyed this video.

  6. Carl Andrews says

    Just want to fight sharks with it… Hope this video delivers

  7. Northern Ninja Runner says

    Point to humanely kill fish, no videos I have seen so far have they done that. Up to the boat and throw them in still flapping

  8. Ryan Cowan says

    I could listen to him talk about knives all day

  9. Alejandro says

    Can’t help but notice that phenomenal looking jacket… I know it’s by Oceanic, but someone tell me where could I get one, or what model is it?

  10. C4LIBEE says

    This guy is passionate as fuck, love him.

  11. Titan Army says

    is it recommended to pull a knife on a shark if it comes at you?


    You are great comunicator.Thanks

  13. FaddaWolf says

    any thoughts on the Rob Allen X blade?

  14. Hussein Marey says

    This dude is aweome

  15. Dan Haneveer says

    Burly is basically throwing blood, guts and fish carcass in to attract wildlife.

  16. Richyyy Rich says

    This bloke says burly like its going outta style but doesn't say once what it means?

  17. David Huebner says

    What do you mean by burly? Perhaps it's because I'm an American that I'm confused. Are you talking about cutting the gills?

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