Scubapro Cylinder Mesh Review

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Scubapro Cylinder Mesh Review
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The Scubapro Cylinder Mesh is a Nylon netting to wrap around your cylinder and protect it from bumps and scrapes. The mesh tube has cords running through it to hold it in position. One at the base to protect the bottom of the cylinder and more at the top at certain places for different size cylinders.

Anybody with cylinders needs to protect them from damage. even a small chip in the paint on a steel cylinder will let water underneath and rust can set in. Pictured on a 12L Tall steel Faber cylinder the mesh can fit over a 15L and cut down or folded over to cover a smaller 7 or 3L cylinder but the cord may need to be moved for smaller cylinders.



Cylinder Mesh

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Rating: 4.35

  1. Jerry Atkinson, Jr. says

    I think that is the worst scuba accessory I have ever seen.

  2. Yousif Jawher says

    I don’t think this is a good idea especially if the net tends to retain water, which I’m kind of sure it does, as this will cause the cylinder to be more susceptible to corrosion or require more time rinsing the cylinder with fresh water

  3. Christopher Thompson says

    Fishnet stockings for SCUBA tanks

  4. Saadane Roula says

    nice count : 2

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