How to Duck Dive with Fins and without Fins

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5 EASY steps on how to do a proper duck-dive with fins and without fins.

– Keep your chin down. Avoid hyperextending your neck when diving.
– Take it slow. Instead of rushing and forcing your way down, try to perform these steps as slow as possible.
– Practice with half filled lungs and don’t go deep. Doing this over and over with a full inhale is exhausting.
– The only way to learn it is by doing it. So keep doing it.
– Once you get the hang of it, you can skip Step 1 and 2.

Thanks Tesla Gears ( and Leaderfins ( for my gears!

Shot on:
GoPro Hero 4 Black

Rating: 4.88

  1. Randa Bsies says

    دعاء الابن

  2. ranou chichou says

    any help !!! i couldn't do it and i really wanna do it

  3. S S says

    I realized that I do rush…

  4. 6657250 says

    Perfect. Thank you.

  5. Muthia Rachma says

    Nahh…i'm sure that i ever knew your name! Yeah from this tutorial too

  6. Jakelol1980 says

    Perfect demo, i will show this to my fiance so that she can get even better.

  7. MMA WorldWides says

    What kind of fin ?
    leader fin pure carbon?

  8. Niño Vernon says

    this video really help me. thanks!

  9. Anchu Mansyur says

    Nice tutorial, Man! I just realized that I always kinda rush when doing a duck dive.

  10. Trent williams says

    do the Miranda!!!!!!

  11. Crystal Freediving says

    Nice tutorial Martin!

  12. er0l18 says

    Hey man, what's your fins stiffness? Are they soft? I'm asking because leaderfins manufacturer offers 3 different types of stiffness.

  13. Martin Zapanta says

    Follow me on instagram at

  14. Zıpkın Avı Türkiye says

    hi martin. ı love this video and ı want to use your video in my channel for add turkish subtitle . ı can add your channel url and your name anywhere you want. turkish freediver and spearfishers will like this video.

  15. Jing says

    so useful! thank you!!

  16. Joshua Scott says

    Always wondered why the navy doesn't let us use these fins instead of rocket fins these look much more powerful and easy to use

  17. Ruby Bourne says

    Nice Vid Martin. Where is this tho? The depth looks dope! I'd want to practice there too.

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