Choosing The Right Fins

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Choosing The Right Fins
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Full foot fins are generally lighter and more flexible and are designed for snorkeling or diving in warm waters where the amount of equipment needed for diving is reduced, therefore reducing the energy required to propel the diver through the water. Full foot fins are designed to be worn barefoot or with specifically made fin socks which help to reduce discomfort from prolonged use.

Open heel fins are typically heavier duty fins engineered to produce significantly increased propulsion for divers. Open heel fins are by far the most commonly used fin for diving, especially in cooler waters where increased thermal protection and equipment is required to safely enjoy diving. The extra equipment that the diver carries also increases the resistance when moving through the water which means the fin materials need to be stronger and stiffer to work effectively.

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Rating: 4.96

  1. Rudolph Furtado says

    Thanks for the excellent educative demonstration.

  2. DJ Rant TV says

    If your using a monofin wait till your about to jump in put it on

  3. Tiptop Exhausts says

    Another great video mark

  4. mistifeyed says

    First set was Aqualung express, they were too long. Tried Seawing Novas but they’re very uncomfortable and my foot cramps so on to Oceanic Vipers which were soooooooooo comfortable but unfortunately no match for a current. Have any recommendations for a neutrally buoyant set with good kicking power?

  5. Gary Desanti says

    I have a pretty nice set of fins with the spring straps and I really loved them, but I recently tried a pair of the RK3’s and can’t wait to get a pair of those for myself now.

  6. LavaMaster says

    Can you use a diving fins for snorkeling?

  7. John Connelly says

    Would the bigger ones be better for just an open water dive not wreck diving bout like looking at reefs

  8. Terry Jill Loyd says

    I use the Scubapro twin jets. I am very fortunate to have a dive shop owner who let's me try new gear in the pool before I buy it and I'm glad I did. I had surgery on my left ankle a few years back and being able to find the right fin that would not pull to hard on my ankle but still give me good propulsion was great. I tried the Nova jets and it felt like my ankle was about to separate. I can say for someone with joint problems… Try several different ones before you make your purchase.

  9. Christopher Fleming says

    Rocket 3's for the win

  10. Robert Duck says

    that intro is awesome wow

  11. nicoalcuri says

    why dont you talk about control? rigid fins give a finner kick control, specially in overhead enviroments

  12. Mike Hunt says

    Great intro

  13. Scuba Travel says

    A few divers I know stated the jet fins were too cumbersome….but currently in my drysuit I need ankle weights 🙁 If I get jet fins will this cancel out the ankle weights? And are they really that hard to kick with since they're heavy?

  14. nattitude says

    I use the same old pare of Mares snorkeling find that I bought 20 years ago. I don’t get out as much as I’d like to so they’ve held up remarkably well, although they are beginning to look a tad rugged. Looking to get a new pair of fins next season but find myself ridiculously drawn to the freediving fins. No real idea why as I generally stay close to the surface and they’d be a bit overkill for me. Will probably just get regular snorkeling fins again as that’s what I’m used to and I only use them occasionally.

  15. isaac sim says

    Always have been a fan of short rubber vented fins and will always be. In love with my mares power plana fins and planning to get a pair of scubapro jet fins soon

  16. lawn green says

    lose the straps fit springs no more worries about adjustment!

  17. Punkroes says

    I have a few different pairs to fit my needs. I find the Novas are great for efficiency and are light so are perfect for when I'm traveling and diving in warmer climates. However I find it nearly impossible to frog kick with them and the lightness becomes an issue for me when in a drysuit so I have an old pair of Sub-Aqua Jets to use with my drysuit so my feet are weighted down and I can use different styles of kicks (which is a must when on wrecks etc).

  18. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Jet Fins are the only way to go

  19. Roberto Riccardi says

    Nice video! I own an old pair of Cressi Rondine and my GF owns a brand new pair of Tusa Liberator I gave her for her OW cert. Cheers!

  20. Piolo 2013 says

    Btw Nice new intro

  21. The Wild Healer says

    First model scubapro twin jets are the fins that made french navy reevaluate their entry test success threshold, because with them everyone would succed. They cannot be bought anymore, I have a pair for myself and I can't dive with anything else.

  22. Diver Dan says

    Split fins feel natural & work very well but in a current the vortex they create is pushed away so you lose power as there designed to push against that vortex…
    Force fins (duck looking type) are great for ladders or walking & transfer the work to the front muscles rather than the calf so less cramp…there bulletproof quality but don't feel like there doing anything…there actually better than most fins though…
    Mares make ok but nothing special…
    Atomic aquatics slingshot fins can be set to different resistance levels & there noticeably better…I swap with people sometimes & there always after a pair after…there noticeably better than most.
    Lastly Spring bungee straps are a lot easier than silly clips & tougher than rubber…there defiantly an upgrade..
    Good fins save air….

  23. Calvin Cousins says

    Interesting intro

  24. Tyc17 Ok says

    Just passed my OW I’m so excited

  25. Scott Jackson says

    I still use my 15 year old TUSA Imprex straight blades. Why? Cause they work and I'm a cheap bastard.

  26. RedneckMedic 85 says

    I use the ScubaPro Jet Sport fins

  27. Javier Parrondo says

    A different concept are the ForceFin that I wore. I have a knee surgery and used to feel cramps with most of the fins (cressi frog plus and seawing nova…).
    Since I use these I have not had cramps again

  28. Jput.319 says

    SP Seawing Nova?

  29. Javier Caselli says

    I own a pair of Avanti Quattro from Mares like the ones in the video, awesome fins, extremely easy to put on with their bungee strap, and once in the water they really push you forward with ease, I normally use frog kick and they work great.

  30. joshua smith says

    I wore a pair of long fins on a dive trip and unintentionally kept hitting some of the other divers in the head. I'm use to smaller fins.

  31. 윤윤/yunyun♥ says

    Im using the apollo bio pro split fin.
    my bf bought for me because i was just new diver and i dont have strength of my legs lol

  32. PeterPetahPetah says

    Passed my OW two weekends ago and have been binge watching this channel since then

    Love the video, great insight
    Would love to see more Scuba Advice in the future!
    Definitely digging the new intro as well : )

  33. Greg Basa says

    I've been using the Atomic Splitfins for many years now. However, I'm looking forward to getting the aquabionic abs in November!

  34. Crisis_Shadow4 (Patrick) says

    Love the new intro

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