How To Drysuit Dive Like A Pro

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If you are new to dry suit diving and want to know how the professionals do it, sit back, relax and watch this personalised bare bones tutorial on how to get ready, enter the water and finally dive inside a drysuit. The video features, pro diver, David Ramsay from Magmadive, a tour company that specialises in cold water dive trips and expeditions around the country of Iceland.

In the first half of the video, takes you through the basic steps to putting one the correct way and provides hints and tips to make you feel safer and more confident underwater. You’ll see David dress from start to finish, highlighting areas such as thermal body protection, neck seals, valves, gloves, zips and various bits of gear that drysuit diver wear underwater. Just for laughs, you see the cameraman helping David get ready!!!

Then, in the second part of the video, David plunges into the Great Lake Thingvellir, where biting 2°C volcanically filtered glacial water flows in from silent groundwater springs, stretching the visibility as far as the eye can see, and at this particular spot, its about +100m (357ft).

IMPORTANT!!! Lastly, just a reminder to thrill seekers and individuals that want to tick their bucket lists. Do not attempt to dive in Iceland without the proper training, equipment and expert guidance from a reputable company. The water is much cooler than places like Thailand and the Red sea, so being sensible and wearing a dry suit makes the experience more comfortable. Remember that its better to be warm and dry than wet and cold. Here in Iceland we live and dive inside our dry suits, they are a way of exploring the many lakes, cracks and coastal areas without running into trouble. Good luck and happy diving!

Rating: 4.51

  1. Rezidentai tiesiogiai says

    Hi guys, worth drysuit course?

  2. Zivico Monkey says

    does that hat protect your head fully from the water? i have really bad problems with my ears that if i get water in them i get bad ear infections and etc. i am 15 and i still get them and i was wondering a solution to this instead of wearing mouldable ear plugs and another set of ear plugs covered by a swim cap (looks ridiculous)

  3. Reverse Astronaut says

    ….Come Dive the Bering Sea, or in the Aleutian islands…… after working in the water for awhile , even with a dry suit, that cold starts to get to ya…..then again I only ever Dive to work.

  4. Rezidentai tiesiogiai says

    why we need inflate in drysuit air?

  5. Das Boot says

    Where's part two?

  6. husqvarnastyler says

    this not meant to be offensive but im really concerned in your gear
    how to stream Line your stuff and hoses Fail
    You have some really nice and interesting line traps there .
    and why would some one put a Yellow hose on a necklace ?
    And why do you wear a drysuit if you are diving with only one first stage ?
    please call your local tec instructor for some advice and for some proper training and you will learn to really think like a proper tec diver because you can t make a video about to put on a drysuit like a pro if you cant get your stuff together

  7. Luke Griffith says

    I like how you filmed some plants instead of you spitting on the mask. lol well done.

  8. Shaaq Apparel says

    11:01 water bubbles exiting from the mask i assume due to air exhaled thru the nose? Anyone else has this problem just like me where it is hard to exhale fully via the mouth without any exhaling occuring thru ur nose? This causes water to seep into my mask occasionaly and i will more often than not, be on the brink of panic as im a noob newbie lol.

  9. Mxtallix says

    When you get out of the water are you totally dry?

  10. Fay Muhammad says

    Is this in silfra? I need to know about the temperature around mid of march. Is it be possible to dive?

  11. Rngnd1314 says

    giant asian hog weed.touch it.

  12. Greg Raymond says

    Rule 1 in diving- You have to be able to put all of your own shit on yourself without help. "Camaraman, could you shake off my dick after I piss?"

  13. Alberto Polini says

    "like a pro" ??….

  14. Richie Summers says

    Cameraman is thick as two short planks.

  15. Romios13diver says

    Four years 2.000 dives???

  16. Nunyah Busy ness says

    Lmao just like you said make sure that your hood isn’t under your mask for all of my training dives my mask seal was on top of my hood and it took me forever to try and clear my mask!

  17. Kane Olivera says

    Awwww recreation divers 🙂 so cute

  18. Great video thanks

  19. jkirk1626 says

    Thumbs up for the American pickup truck. Surprised he's not using a full face mask especially as cold as it is.

  20. ItzLordz Yt says

    Alternate air source always goes under your arm even if it’s around your neck

  21. Feldwebel Wolfenstool says

    …I was taught to put the weight belt on last, to go over top of anything else, in case you had to dump it….

  22. max fgbgfc says

    Are you really diving alone,without a buddy

  23. dill papa says

    if you were 90% body fat would you need the suit?

  24. jordan freediving says

    Ship wreck diving

  25. Christoph Hübner says

    Nothing like a pro here.

  26. rubbvigo39 says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love my dear friend

  27. cheaplaffsarefree says

    Does "camera man" not have a name?

    Few things I noticed:
    — placement of SPG?
    — giant suicide clip on the right for the torch?
    — no crotch strap?
    — old-school weight belt ?

    These things aside, it looks gorgeous. Is it all single-tank diving? Is that a steel cylinder you're using? How long do your dives run, on average?

  28. Wally Brown says

    Thank you…

  29. Dah Broseph says

    Gets fully dressed and geared up…..has to take a shit.

  30. Neon Zxio says

    He sounds like the diving version of Gordon Ramsey

  31. Kub x says

    Epic scene at 11:15 😀

  32. Paul Soderlund says

    Nice video, I'm evaluating drysuits currently. Honest question, whats with the fins? They look REALLY weak. is there an advantage I'm unaware of? I'm ditching my split fins because in favor of some stronger ones. Thanks.

  33. Parker Long says

    What about a face mask?

  34. Orri says

    I live in Iceland and I am very interested in diving so I get some diving videos in my recommendations and I found your and I can see you are in Iceland :O

  35. Trying to learn says

    This is No way like a pro

  36. B. McAllister says

    1:07 was that a fart?

  37. Scuba Junk says

    A tec diver is diving with valve fully opened? Ehm no.. Stage Handling with open valve destroys your buoyancy!

  38. Torsten UG says

    No computer? No dive watch?

  39. Crazy Diver says

    This is a good way to have an underwater accident… Extremely cold water, single tank, single first stage regulator and two buoyancy devices connected to one regulator….. You should never show this video to unexperienced divers… And you call yourself a PRO? JOKE!!! 🙁

  40. H F says

    Interesting seeing how others configure their gear.  Would so dig diving in Iceland

  41. H F says

    the down side of rear entry drysuit having to have someone zip unzip but looks like a well made suit.. Thanks

  42. MerlijnK says

    I enjoyed this vid, thanks. I feel the title is rather misleading though, the video shows a nice explanation of how to don a drysuit, but there are zero tips/tricks/instructions on how to actually dive a drysuit (think: buoyancy, trim, controlled ascents/descents, bubble management)

  43. Clayton says

    How am I here? I still liked the video though.

  44. Peter Kubicka says

    … Like A Pro? It is super joke.

  45. Jack G. says

    Very nice set up but self donning is the only way to go. Thanks for sharing.

  46. PackChoi says

    Why did you remove the integrated undersuit?

  47. Dan Hyde says

    What does the valve on your upper arm do that is so important to keep open?

  48. srothwell1 says

    Won’t ur face get cold

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