Scuba Tech Tips: Dive Boots – S05E16

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Warm and comfortable feet makes a happy diver. Alec shares many tips when buying dive boots for warm water, cold water, scuba or snorkelling.

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Rating: 4.94

  1. ArgosWarrior says

    This Guys videos are awesome

  2. Michal Jachimowicz says

    Would 5mm boots work for cold water as well?

  3. Kevin Reems says

    I feel like I could listen to this guy all day 🙂

  4. Donald Riling says

    Haha Alec- you’re videos are terrific! Just noticing that you were marking 6000 subscribers when you made this. When I watched it, it’s now 18,000! Congratulations! And no wonder, great material!

  5. Dhananjay Ramesh says

    I would like to know if the thickness of the boots help with achieving proper trim? My legs are heavy and fall down if I do not move them. Will getting a thick boot help keep it afloat?

  6. Oscar Krauss says

    Hey man! Love the videos! Thank you for the tips!

  7. Roman Aidybalov says

    This little tiny velcro is critical for preventing the zipper from getting undone. I had to stitch some to my 5mm dive boots to solve the issue 🙂

  8. danny bonessi says

    Hey Alec I'm new to your channel looking to get into diving and wanted to know if they make boots for people with really wide feet

  9. MrTyler8877 says

    Alec, can you do a video over the starter bcd kits and opinions on them vs buying everything individually. IE: Cressi solid scuba package includes the bcd, regulator, octo, and gauge. Thanks!

  10. MDO VIDEO says

    Have you ever stepped on a sea urchin before

  11. diver dave says

    WELL …over the last 10 years I used 3 different brands of boots for swimming long distance of a mile or more in Lake Michigan when the water temp is below 55 degrees down to 32 degrees on a -17 degree zero air day. I really like the 6.5. ACONA boot you were showing and have used it now for 8 years. I called the company and asked why they can't make it 2 inches taller ( my 3mm wet suit leave a 1 to 2 inch gap of exposed skin ) . I have also used them while scuba diving and wore them to walk 3/4 of a mile while waring all of my gear and the soles are comfortable !

  12. russell wright says

    I just bought a 2nd hand kit the regulator is a bit wierd the SPG is a computer and the 2nd spare reg is a combo attachment to the bcd so just the 3 legs of octopus instead of 4. Is it ok or illegal?

  13. russell wright says

    50y.o. Thanks for the great tips and humour !

  14. Daryl Davis says

    Mine are Mares latitude with white soles they still work like 20 years old

  15. Amazing gamer 5000000 says

    Go to Singapore it’s 100% humidity every day

  16. TailAddiction says

    How do you loosen up boots

  17. Eli says

    I wish people at local scuba shops were as knowledgeable and nice as you with a sense of humor!

  18. Joe Soap says

    1/16th of an inch is actually ~1.5mm.
    1/64th of an inch is actually a much closer to half a millimetre (~0.4mm).

  19. Judson Holt says

    Hi Alec,Do you prefer your boot to be alittle on the small/tight fitting side rather than a half size or size to big? Thanks!

  20. Jeff Morgan says

    No showing of the lace up canvas dry suit rock boots?

  21. Hatem Dawood says

    Is it ok to buy a pre owned reg

  22. diver dave says

    I swim long distance all winter in Lake Michigan and I use Akona's 6mm boot and they keep my feet warm even when the water is 32 degrees and air temp is -17 degrees below zero .

  23. coal city bubble makers says

    Here is an idea for a tech tip…..6351

  24. Ottopsyboy says

    Mr. Peirce
    Thank you for the information, I was wondering on how you felt about the difference between rubber sole boots and felt soled boots. I dive in Okinawa and it seems like everyone out here dives felt soled. I was wondering about advantages or disadvantages between the two.

  25. official weeb says

    can you make a beginner gear video

  26. official weeb says

    thanks for good information btw

  27. official weeb says

    whats better big or small fins

  28. Holland Hollywood says

    As usual very informative.

  29. Alain Dumesny says

    What's your thinking of full pocket fins (no boots) for tropical dives instead of boots + oversized/heavier open fins ? I tried my snorkeling fins (full pockets, not boots) that I use all the time in Maui, in a pool back home vs boots+open dive fins (tried 2 I own including the Nova you rave about) and found my full foot snorkeling ones were actually more efficient and faster doing laps will full gear underwater.. will see on actual dive.

    Also while I use a drysuit here in Monterey, I found it much more comfortable to use the soft compressed 3mm socks on the drysuit directly into a sized down Nova fin (normally need L/XL with size 11, but using M size I found on the cheap) as it compresses with depth while 'hard' boots don't shrink as well with depth… I just use a thin (1-2mm) tropical boot slip on with a rubber sole if I need to walk around to protect my drysuit built in soft socks.

  30. Spar Tan says

    Hey Mr. Pierce,
    I just signed up for an ssi open diving class.
    I was wondering what you think a good budget would be for a new diver?
    Thanks in advance!

  31. Alex Ceric says

    When you mention prices of things in your videos – do you always use Canadian Dollars – and the prices that you would expect to find in Canada? This is something I always wondered about.

  32. iVlogBuzz says

    My Lynx is a 5mm semi dry has a seal skin on the cuff that's supposed to help stop water from moving.
    Not sure if it's as effective as waterproof claim.
    I'd be interested to see a vintage evolution of the wetsuit Ike the introduction of titanium etc.

  33. Booboosik says

    Could you show vintage boots?

  34. kadrik0 says

    Great tips. I like a middle of the road boot with rubber protection on the back and front of the boot, medium thickness sole, 5mm, and zip up side. I went with 5mm. Worked in both cold water and warm water and never had any issues. In fact, I like the colder weather style since you have extra protection and don't have to worry about using the boots on any water excursion on a cruise ship. Great on the beach, snorkling, and scuba diving and so much better than a target water shoe. Going to have to replace my 5mm neosport boots here in about another year or two. It would still work for scuba but I've worn down the tread on the bottom and don't want to have a slick boot on a scuba boat. Made me laugh on the white feet comment. So true! My only advice for people just buying is don't buy a boot with a high ankle and no zipper. They can still be used but when you take them off wet it is harder to take off and I've came close 2-3 times of having a boot go flying across a boat or back into the ocean when it finally released.

  35. David Pinto says

    Great info,and entertaining as well.

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