1. Christian Consen says

    Thank you! Happy to see how the data is logged. Unseen on any other review.. 🙁

  2. johnsarangel says

    just got mine awhile ago. can't wait to use it soon !

  3. John Brzoza says

    good review the long strap is for drysuit with winter undersuit

  4. Julius Brcks says

    Nice review!
    I got my OWD this week and I am thinking about buying a dive computer.
    This review helped a lot and gave me a very good idea about all functions and it’s quality.

    Thank you 🙂

  5. D Ting says

    Good job doing the review. None of the other review of this computer I've seen shows the nice logging feature

  6. verbeke jurgen says

    Thanks for the review

  7. dharmapunk5 says

    Nice review. I have this computer as well and you pointed out a feature I didn't know with the up button and seeing all of the assent. Pretty cool. Going to be diving in the next day or two will test that out.

  8. Dave Fitzgerald says

    thanks for the review…for sure now leaning toward making this purchase

  9. KiwiHali says

    Thanks for this. That’s quite cool that it shows the depth graph. Definitely considering getting one as my first dive computer. Cheers

  10. jamaf99 says

    Thanks for the video.  I am considering the Novo to replace my old dive computer.  I have a question for you.  Can you change the units to show the depth in ft while still showing the temperature in Celsius?

  11. EscapeFromBeyond says

    Thank you for your honesty!

  12. MANDO MN says

    dude awesome

  13. Wild Eye Studios says

    30 degrees? woah you're lucky, I'd love to dive in such warm water, I'm currently thinking of getting an upgraded computer, I'm using the mares puck pro, and I'm considering either mares smart, suunto zoop novo, or aqualung i200. All of them cost around 200 euros where I live, but I haven't made my mind yet. One big thing I like this models is they show you the daytime underwater, and as an Instructor I need this to be on time with my customers and students. My dream watch was cressi newton, but it won't tell you the time underwater

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