Scuba Tech Tips: Mesh Bags, What You Need To Know – S07E07

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Divers love their scuba gear but how to easily move it all to the dive boat? Alec shows a wide variety of mesh dive bags for every budget and situation.

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Rating: 4.88

  1. John Stoll says

    Great work!

  2. Scott M says

    hey there do you have any information on the mesh bags ppl take underwater with them for trash and stuff? im getting into snorkeling and eventually diving once I get my open water ticket. now all the videos i've watched you ALWAYS see trash. bottles, lighters ect. just trash. i want to be able to get that stuff out of the water. but im having a hard time finding these mesh bags everyone seems to have. any help would be awesome. thank!

  3. Rick Kinney says

    Alec, do you have any tips for a good way to identify each piece of our gear so there is no mistaking it for someone else's when on a dive boat? I would prefer not to slap on any paint or carve my initials into everything. Are there any commercial methods that might be available to do an effective, non-harmful and attractive (or at least not unattractive) job of identifying our gear?

  4. Chad Blythe says

    Maybe you can do a tech tip on wireless transmitter

  5. David Hellyer says

    If your gear is covered in sand, please help the resort out by NOT rinsing in the shower. Clogged drains are not a pretty site!

  6. Beep Boop says

    I went for mesh, my sister went for a dry bag instead.

  7. Harry Prince says

    I'm going diving today & have a suggestion based on my experience…although there are many videos about packing gear I have yet to find one on packing (dive boat NOT travel) back plate/wing with a drysuit & other (fins, reg etc.) gear. Any ideas?

  8. steve schiff says

    Another great video thank Alec. One comment though- the order in which you place your gear in the bag. Often times the wetsuit is put on after the BCD and regulators and weight pouches are all put together, sometimes MUCH later. I always assemble the rig at the dock so if something is missing or broken I've got an opportunity to rectify it while I've got access to the shop (or my car if I left something there). Also for convenience and speed and to double check Ive got everything, it all comes out of the mesh bag and gets placed under the seat or behind the tank (fins with booties stuffed inside of them) or hanging on the second tank (mask and maybe my wrist computer with bungee mount) rather than inside the gear bag which gets stuffed in an out of the way location as soon as it's emptied of gear.

  9. Viewcards says

    What’s your favourite country for diving Alec?

  10. Jeff Worst says

    I'd also add that a mesh bag with a pocket on the end is very handy for putting small stuff like sea drops, glasses, wallets, etc. Some are practically small dry bags because they're made of waterproof material and have tight zippers. I'm personally a fan of the Stahlsac line of mesh bags.

  11. Alain Dumesny says

    ha, didn't talk about mesh bags you take under – like to collect small things or for lobster diving (all kinds and some work better than others one handers or not, half mesh half fabric to make it easier to drop spinny lobster).

  12. Andrew Skeith says

    I wish my boots came in a bag like that.

  13. diver dave says

    you forgot to add – the little mesh bags are great to take on a dive to collect shell and gold coins you find during a dive !

  14. diver dave says

    HELP ! My 1979 Dacor Pace 900 second stage is free flowing and I don't know how to adjust it ….

  15. Raymond Burelle says

    Great video Alec who knew you could make a video on mesh bags oh the bags that the gloves and boots come in we use those while diving to hold garbage or small intersting things we find I also collect sinners that fishermen lose on wrecks especially the Conestoga and make soft weights out of the sinkers

  16. BurninatorTheTrogdor says

    Monster fin spearo/freediver here. I still like watching your videos!

  17. Miguel Gerov says

    Great Video again Alec. Keep them coming.

  18. Andrew McInnes says

    thanks keep it up…..

  19. clarkeysam says

    I wish my gloves came in a little mesh bag like that! All I got was a crappy piece of cardboard!

  20. Joshua Wade says

    Alec, first, thanks again for an informative video. I have an unrelated question, however. When using a 19cf pony bottle based redundant air system, is it safe to mount the pony bottle upside down (valve pointing toward my feet/fins) on the main tank? Thanks for everything.

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