Scubapro Definition 3MM Men's Wetsuit Review

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Scubapro Definition 3MM Men’s Wetsuit
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The Scubapro Men’s Definition 3mm Steamer is a full-length 3mm wetsuit made from X-foam Material with unique padding and grips for a flexible and warm wetsuit that is friendly to the environment.

X-Foam Neoprene is made conforming to strict PAH guidelines producing less pollution, greater warmth, better stretch and quick drying material than conventional neoprene.

The 3D cut minimizes seams and optimizes fit with thinner sections in key areas to allow more movement.

Glideskin Seals on the wrists and ankles slow water ingress and you can overlap gloves, boots, and hoods to cover everything and keep you warmer for longer. Zips over the cuffs and ankles make it easy to overlap and layer up.

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– Shaun Johnson
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Rating: 4.64

  1. pan satyros says

    is this suitable for triathlon ?

  2. photoSteff says

    my first wetsuit – perfect fit for fit people

  3. T J says

    Scubapro cut for thin people.

  4. Robson Gomes says

    Quanto custa..$$

  5. joshua smith says

    I have a 3mm scuba pro wetsuit, that I bought 10 years ago. I almost bought another one, but decided to get a gym membership instead so I could fit back into my original one.

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