OXA Scuba Diving Snorkel Set Review

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1.Anti-fogging diving mask: The mask enables you to see underwater clearly by creating an air space between your eyes and water. Correctly using will give you good experience and protection.
2. Entirely dry breathing tube: The full dry snorkel is an innovative diving product which is becoming very popular around the world. When the snorkel submerges under water, the floating device in the flash guard will close automatically and no water will enter the tube.
3. Top safety : The Materials for the mouthpiece could be eaten, it is a perfect option for you regarding the security.

Product Description

The mask is designed according to 3D human facial engineering.
The skirt is made of soft liquid silicone for different shape of faces.
The lenses are made of ultra clear tempered glasses. Both sides of the masks are installed with easy adjust buckles.
The snorkel tube is made of PVC material, the corrugated hose can be adapted to a variety of complex underwater environment.
The mouthpiece is made from silicone, thus ensuring your comfort and safety.
The Maintenance: to protect the product, please follow the below steps :
A. After each use, you need rinse them with clean water to get rid of salt or sands or any chemical or detergent and keep in cool and dry places.
B. These products are made of silicone and resin, please do not use chemicals or neutral liquid detergent to clean them.
C. Please do not keep the product together with other rubber products or under high temperatures or on the sand or gravel.

A. Please check the ideal fit of the mask before you go into the water or re-adjust the mask strap only when you are out of water to avoid leakage of the mask.
B. New film mirrors have protective effect which may increase the possibility of mist generated, you need to remove the oil film. If the masks have foggy due to a distinct temperature environment, please try to rub a little bit baby shampoo in the goggles then wash out all the extra till it is clear. Just do yourself a favor. And please make sure to use kid/baby shampoo so it doesn’t sting your eyes.

1 x Dry-top Snorkel
1 x Tempered Glass Mask

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Rating: 4.39

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    could you actually breath under water with them

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