DIVING IN THE RED SEA! Sunken Plane & Military Tank | Aqaba, Jordan

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Scuba diving in the Red Sea (in Aqaba, Jordan) is one of the best dives of our lives! We got to dive a sunken C130 plane and a M42 tank both full of fish and coral. Right before we surfaced, we saw a new sea creature for the first time!!! Last night we were freezing in the desert, and today we are scuba diving in the Red Sea! The weather in Jordan keeps surprising us!

Travel vlog 606 | Red Sea, Aqaba, Jordan | Country #87/100 | Filmed February 2019

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  1. awesome ayush says

    Sir,there is lot more to see in India except Taj Mahal,Delhi,and Jaipur…you should once visit other places like Kerala,Assam and other forest areas in India..it's completely different

  2. Osama Nofal says

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  3. Rmz Vlogist says

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  4. asher ali says

    Every single Vlog of Jordan was awesome & surprised me.

  5. helenavis says

    Jordan is just so amazing… If you do come back, you'll have plenty to do and see still. As you said, these are the main attractions. I'm Swedish but randomly got to travel to Jordan at 18 years old and fell in love, having lived there more than once since then (as well as a few years in UAE, but Jordan is way nicer).

  6. Wazaka Tube says

    come to aqaba and visit my home in aqaba !!!

  7. Wazaka Tube says

    thanks for coming to aqaba iam live in aqaba

  8. Penny1321 says

    I have loved your Jordan series. After following you for a year now I find myself excited each time you get to a new country to see what new stories you will share. I cant imagine how you will ever be able to stop and settle into a non travel life. Than you for all the joy and discovery that you bring.

  9. Mahdi Shah says

    Great Vid! I know this is late but can you please tell me what website or what tour you went on the site, Thanks!

  10. Ghost Alias says

    Welcome to Jordan .

  11. Ed Tolleson Jr says

    That octopus was awesome.

  12. Anthony Parker says

    should have done Sharm – El – Sheik in Egypt so we could see what thats like lol

  13. Anthony Parker says

    as a matter of interest in weather temperature terms its not pronounced as negative 3 its minus 3 (-3)just an heads up for you next time you get a temp that low and you tell your audience and fans lol

  14. Anthony Parker says

    I bet you didn't really want to leave those Martian domes, will you go back to them ?

  15. Isaaa says

    2:18 HAHAHAHA

  16. Anirban Roy says

    Shame! I can't swim. Your past few uploads are giving me serious swimming goals… Amazing!

  17. Andrew Flyer says

    Oh my day, has to be one of my favorite video`s, I used to dive myself many years ago. The water is so clear, you are both very efficient divers.

  18. Bene C says

    well a another great series you know how to open ones eyes to these places thank you and you video and editing perfect stay safe see ya

  19. Daniel says

    Come visit tel aviv : ) )

  20. Myriam E.H. says

    I LOVED this sooo much.

  21. Lana Jabeeti says

    Visit Palestine!

  22. mathilde tailler says

    I've been binge watching your videos for a week and I love all of them. You two are such an inspiration and are so talented. Keep going like this you're amazing ! Love from belgium ❤

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