Broken Cylinder Valves

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This video shows what can happen when cylinder vales are Dropped, Broken etc

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  1. Hector E. Rodriguez Jr. says

    @4:29 waaaaaaaaack bruh

  2. DjZorlag says

    I like the composite ones. They have higher power-to-weight ratio.

  3. Soylent Green says

    So the first one they went through the trouble of setting up this whole rig to demonstrate this safely, and then they just have a guy walk up and whack it with a sledgehammer.

  4. MixTapeDrilla9 says

    That's just a baby

  5. Matt Huff says

    someone really needs to spell check the beginning of this video…

  6. Reed Silvesan says

    my father was working in a diversion tunnel when they built the oahe dam when a worker knocked over an oxygen bottle and broke the valve off my dad said it bent 12 inch I-beam in the tunnel but fortunately no one was hurt

  7. DaClown says

    This reminds me of playing Garry's mod for the first time

  8. Rebecca Smart says

    this makes me think of the odyssey with the bag of winds

  9. IamJiva says

    make little go-cart – it will be fast… what a pressure in Cylinder? 1000bar will be good…
    with traditional accoustic exponential(or even just (linear diameter) cone) horn attached on exhale, you can rise force many times, because most effective – to push gently on big surphase area of air – even half meter diameter horn or cone will be good.

    And also you can get another type of reactive pre-compressed vehicle, if fill half of cylinder volume with water – can provide even too much acceleration, with liquid i think no need of horn. horn only for gases, that are compressable

  10. Godfrey Poon says

    Can you provide construction details for the cylinder guillotine?
    It is very hard to break the neck off with an axe when you have to reach behind your back to do it, and my coworkers do not want to do it for me.

  11. Godfrey Poon says

    Will this work with an acetylene cylinder?

  12. CUBETechie says

    Why destroy the valve? Isn't it easier and safer to use a electromagnetic valve?

  13. Guns Cars and Digits says

    Yeah, and some folks think hydrogen cars are good ideas, including the fact that they'd need bottles three times this size.

  14. Voltaic - Elektro Werkstatt says

    Alec Steele. Anyone?

  15. Kenneth Hopple says

    Gas bottle Guillotine!

  16. Tofutaco11 says

    Try this with a oxyacetylene welding oxygen tank. 2200 psi would look wonderful when the valve pops off!

  17. Natalia Livonof says

    if you put in a 3-4 meter long pipe, you can easy use it like a canon,

  18. JIMMY TATE says

    i have done this to oxygen cylinders twice, once accidentally and once on purpose. the one i did intentionally flew almost 50 yards in the air then skidded across a parking lot and landed in a golf course pond.

  19. bltefft says

    No way I'd do that.

  20. EDG says

    240p, funny joke!

  21. Johnny Davis says

    EVERYTHING spins in a circular motion

  22. ryanzeus31 says

    try coca-cola

  23. primary guardhouse says

    the cylinder feels like " yeyy!! Im FREE!!!"

  24. Sean Breheny says

    Should put some stabilizing fins on one of these 🙂

  25. Mark Quinn says

    I have designed something to stop this happening,contact me for info.

  26. KabelKnicker says

    geil darf ich auch mal?

  27. Random Stuffs says

    Just watch the Mythbusters episode of when they did this. Not as weak as this.

  28. Elvis Presley says

    Piss weak. Only has compressed air in it, get one that has the active ingredient in it and would last a lot longer and give different results.

  29. muy constructivo

  30. 303Darkstar says

    Garrys Mod?

  31. Chas Waldron says

    Oh look 1:37 sec in its china's space program !

  32. Gear Head says

    wings and a tail fin, your set for lift off.

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