How to, Unpacking and set up – ARIA full face snorkeling mask by OCEAN REEF

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OCEAN REEF’s ARIA a full face snorkeling mask to enjoy the water safely and comfortably with no stress!
The newest evolution in snorkeling!

Rating: 4.32

  1. teehee says

    How do you take off the breathing tube? I am trying to fit it on a suitcase

  2. Engin Akbaylar says

    I have this snorkeling  and recomended to everbody.

  3. Christine Gowen Paulhus says

    It's virtually impossible to remove the breathing tube. I've watched this video over and over and wiggling it out like the gentleman is doing is not as easy as it looks. No instructions on website, either. Please provide more detailed info!! I am trying to pack 4 of these masks and none of the breathing tubes will come out.

  4. Adam Crane says

    Will these work with people that have beards or short stubble beards? Thanks.

  5. cristian taboada says

    how much is thise

  6. Sun & Ocean says

    Hi, what size is it?

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