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How to use

Using the Dive Portable Lungs clip is extremely easy:

Simple pump up the tank.
Put on the dive bag.
Dive up to 15 minutes!

The Dive Portable Lungs Tank is built to the same standards as a normal SCUBA cylinder, and comes with the 4-Stage Regulator already attached. The 4-Stage High Pressure Hand Pump attaches directly to the tank and pumps at up to 3,000psi. The Hand Pump filter keeps out all dust, oil and moisture for safety.

The special collapsible 4-Stage High Pressure Hand Pump is very simple to use (works just like a bicycle pump) and allows you to fill up the entire tank anywhere you are. A carrying case for the Hand Pump is included in order to make the experience even more streamlined.

Once your tank is filled up just twist the copper regulator to 140psi, then you are ready to go.

Simply breathe and on-demand airflow is released from the regulator, allowing you to dive hands free for up to 15 minutes. The Dive Portable Lungs Kit comes with a pressure gauge which allows you to easily check how much air is left within the tank at any time.

Each Dive Portable Lungs Kit comes with a sleek, fast drying, easily adjustable cross body bag which clips on and off in seconds. Additionally the cross body bag also has a built-in zipper punch so that you can carry anything that you might find underwater.

How it works

The Dive Portable Lungs Kit comes with a 4-stage hand pump that can pump to 3,000psi+, which fills up the included tank with enough air to last you up to 15 minutes underwater. These extreme pressures are achieved through an intricate system:

Shipping Details

We ship worldwide at a flat rate of $40.

Dive Portable Lungs is not responsible for customs, taxes, import duties, brokerage or any additional charges by your local government, these are the responsibility of the recipient.
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