Choosing The Right Torch

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Choosing The Right Torch
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Not too sure what scuba diving torch to buy? Well, our technical advisor Mark talks about how to choose the right dive torch and explains the differences between them.
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  1. william marshall says

    Do gloves guide please

  2. Kimon Froussios says

    Tip1: If you can only afford 1 torch, make it a spotlight, or at least an adjustable torch. For typical UK coastal diving at recreational depths and for typical hand-held brightnesses, floodlights are near useless. The plankton and silt become an impenetrable fog under floodlights. Spotlights are much better at piercing through the fog, and can easily and cheaply be turned into soft video lights for close-up shots with a home-made diffuser out of a thin piece of frosted perspex held in place by bungee cord. 

    Tip2: Get as many lumens as you can afford. You'd be surprised how much your torch's range gets reduced by water and plankton, so don't judge torches by how bright they are on land. 100 lumens is usable on dry land, but in the water it's only just enough to read your gages. You need at least 500 lumens for spots, even more for floods). Personally, I wouldn't choose under 1000 lumens in spot or adjustable beam for UK waters.

  3. Daniel Ramsey says

    I just saw a couple of interesting videos of lasers underwater.

  4. JD says

    Would love you guys to do more formative videos like this, maybe some tips and pointers on the sport itself

  5. I need a new light

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