Suunto Wireless Air Tank Transmitter Battery Replacement

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Driveway Dude Paul shows you how to easily replace a battery in a Suunto wireless air tank transmitter.

I ordered the replacement battery online. You have the option to purchase a battery alone or battery and O ring.

I used the following to carry out this easy replacement:
Philips screwdriver
Small screwdriver
Nitrile gloves
Cotton bud
Vaseline petroleum jelly.

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  1. SuperGlenn1966 says

    Ok aside from not using petroleum jelly, if you use any amount of Nitrox and it contacts the petroleum jelly the results could be bad. Oxygen and oil don’t like each other. If no silicone based gel is available it would be better to use a little soap and water applied with a Q-tip. Hope this helps.

  2. SuperGlenn1966 says

    Always replace your o-ring, they are cheap. Also never use petroleum jelly it will degrade the o-ring.

  3. Robert Campbell says

    Good video but never use "petroleum jelly" ! (valvoline) it will break down o'rings and other plastic parts.

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