Life Extended Carbon Fiber Tanks

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If the cost of a brand new carbon fiber air cylinder has kept you from getting into PCP airguns, a Life Extended cylinder may be the answer! These carbon fiber cylinders are lightweight and capable of storing up to 4500 psi of high pressure air. Potentially providing thousands of shots for your PCP airguns!

Life Extended Carbon Fiber Tanks

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  1. life is a journey says

    still way to much money 200.00 less sounds like crap to me ,at say $50.00 a year i would rather buy a used tank that has 3 years left on it for $150.00 vs $750.00 ,so they seem to me add there cost to reman the tanks ,your basically spending the same amount ,not buying this one ,again would rather buy another used tank in 3 years ,for $100.00 buy then

  2. David jefferson says

    The tanks cost more than brand new ones with the current date if manufacturer

  3. DrJones says

    So IMO the price is too high on these tanks unless you live close to DW. because after 5 years you would have to pay to ship it to DW and then pay whatever the test fee that they charge is (and i bet the fee they charge is alot. Its most like sky high expensive. Not nowhere near the inexpensive 30bucks it cost me to take my tank up the street for rehydro test) So taking all that into consideration No Thanks… Im Good. Ill stick to eBay for my tanks and the shop up the street for my hydros. If you know what your doing concerning eBay tanks thats the best route to go IMO. (There are also ones auctioned from fire depts. you can find great deals on If youre so inclined) For Someone that lives near DW and wouldnt have to ship the tank back and forth it may be worth it to get one of these. depending also on how much DWs reHydro test fee is. Also if DW extends life on tanks for private customers it may be worth going that route as well just depending. I just really dont think the prices these tanks are going for are worth it. Not for me anyway. Of course i would never pay $300 for a ninja ci pony bottle ither and ALOT of people do. So to each his own. Great Info. Tho… Thanks for Sharing. You get a like for your video from me. Bongos need work tho. Keep bangn them. Hehe. Shoot Safe and have a Blessed Day.

  4. Doug Handley says

    What is the cost for the 5 year recertification?

  5. Jeff Porto says

    Great review but, what your saying is even if I buy a regular or a non life extended tank ,either way it will still have to be tested every 5 years correct? Sorry I'm just a bit confused . Thanks.

  6. Maria I. Cubillo says

    What would you do if you accidentally drop a tank? Either on the valve system or the bottle wall itself? And thees no evident damage like leaks and such?

  7. Monkeydad1969 says

    Wow. About time. I heard the rumors. And they are about 20 minutes away from me. NICE!

  8. Fahad Farrukh says

    Looking sharp friend but why you shaved your bread man thank for good info also

  9. Mike Myers says

    I’d buy one just for the bongo option

  10. Tim Briggs says

    So basically what you're saying is that the tank has been recertified for 15 years but it's only good for 5 years without being re-examined therefore in my opinion the tank is only good for 5 years correct ?

  11. Matt E says

    Tyler………I'll settle for 15 because my "Life Extension" is not going to last to 2030 🙂

    As always great video and very encouraging to the folks whom are still on the fence for PCP.

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