Best Fins – 2019

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Best Fins – 2019
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In this episode of Scuba Advice Mark talks about the best fins to buy in 2019, whether your new to scuba diving or just looking to replace an old pair of fins.


Fin Collection

Viper Fins

RK3 HD Fins

Seawing Nova 2 Fins

Hyflex Switch Fins

Thor EBS Fins

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Artist: Mikos Da Gawd –

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Rating: 4.77

  1. ardnfast says

    Can you please learn how not to say "errrr….ummm…"?

  2. mala mala Youcef says

    Nothing But All about business old sample fins are better

  3. Station Lite says

    Apeks RK3 all day, every day! End of Story.

  4. mike Jenkins says

    Cressi long fins no better fin on the market more power

  5. Amner Shefford says

    I'd be interested what you guys think of the seac f1. I love them but I'm a bust it till it breaks kinda guy and they are my first decent pair. If you did a review. I'd defiantly watch it

  6. Kimon Froussios says

    I refuse to consider any fin that lacks massive amounts of bright colour on both sides, or that have structural weaknesses like hinges. Apply price ranking to what few options are left, and the Mares Avanti Quattro+ stands out ticking all the boxes. Comfortable, powerful, visible, and a bit freakish in how much it flexes into a massive scoop when kicking hard.
    I've lost count of the times when I could only see my buddy/leader in the murk ahead of me only thanks to their yellow fins catching my torch beam. I want to afford my buddies that same bit of extra prevention against separation.

  7. Cody Sheridan says

    Deep 6 eddy fins should 100% be in this mix.

  8. Click Diver says

    Hi can you say the price in videos

  9. Scott C. Brown says

    I too use Avanti Quattro + and absolutely love them. Though, some of the newer ones shown in this video are sparking my fancy.

  10. Chris Underwater says

    Nice overview, the background music is a bit annoying though.
    I have just switched fins from the Volo Power to the Avanti Quattro+, will find out soon if this was a good idea for a underwater videographers purpose.

  11. Hellrazor says

    I bought my first pair last year. My instructor only had 4 choices, I bought the mares Volo Power, very happy with them. in the 12 dives i went on, every student that did not get the volo power or x-stream, complained about the fins. and I saw old divers with fins from the stone age LMAO. i loved the volo power. and why does scubapro charge 220 dollars for their fins? if it costs a leg, I cant use the damn fin now can I ? lol Thanks for the video.

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