SEABEAST AF90 & Pro-N1 anti fog mask to snorkel and swim FULL REVIEW & TRY ON

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Seabeast AF90 Full Face Snorkel Mask, Real Anti-Fog Snorkel Mask with 180° Panoramic View and Removable GoPro Mount (Black and Blue)
Here are purchase links for AF90, so far we sell in USA, Canada, Australia.

Seabeast Pro-N1 Full Face Snorkel Mask with Removable GoPro Camera Mount, 180° Panoramic View, Anti-Fog Design (Space Grey)

Here are Pro-N1 purchase links
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:
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Rating: nan

  1. Gcal77 says

    The best review I’ve seen with so much info and assembly ! Thank you!

  2. Gunnstuff says

    Great thumb nail

  3. Lee B says

    I’ll stick to goggles and snorkel thanks .
    I prefer the ability to pinch my nose for equalisation , tempered glass to plastic for scratch resistance and finally I like a bit more room in my case when travelling

  4. Marky Mark says

    That mask is defective and can kill you. The breathing tube is bad, if you use it for more than 30 min you can start to breath in bad air, it will then make you feel faint and you won't be able to take the mask off in time and drown.

  5. Ridha Putri says

    How Much Price

  6. 50ft Below says

    Watch out when buying this full face snorkel mask. It's possible you breath your bad air in again. Check our video about the SeaBeast AF90 at our channel. We also did a video about what can happen when you don't have a proper full face snorkel mask.

  7. Mari e i suoi video says

    Nice video! like!

  8. Momenti Creativi di Sandra says

    interessante test! Ero incerta se acquistarla!

  9. a_n_e _r_i_s says

    Wow bellissimo video
    Buona giornata

  10. Lunargentata ♡ says

    Forte! Io in realtà sono abituata con il classico tubo e maschera ahahaha…ma se non si appanna me la prenderei!

  11. Princess Jasmine says

    great.. unboxing and review seabeast 🙂

  12. Uraz Grassia says

    e ccome te piac !

  13. Sergey Magel says

    Good To See. Hello All Music Lovers.

  14. Sun Chao says

    Awesome video

  15. Cristiana Carpentieri says

    Questa maschera è meravigliosa!

  16. Dev'essere un ottimo prodotto!!!!! Potrei fare anche io un video sulle maschere per l'ossigeno terapia!!!! C pap…B pap!!!!!! Comunque con il mio inglese qualcosa ho capito!!!! Baci baci

  17. Play With Kay says

    great video!!!

  18. TuttounVlog says


  19. rescue iz love says

    Big like my friend!!

  20. MyGlamLife says

    Ho sempre pensato di prendere una maschera come questa per quando faccio snorkeling, ma l'unica che conoscevo era quella di decathlon. Ora ho più possibilità di scelta 😉 Mi è piaciuto tanto il tuo video, sia la presentazione che la prova delle maschere. Sei sempre super!!!

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