Complete Scuba Equipment Assembly

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Complete Scuba Equipment Assembly

How to assemble scuba equipment / gear.

10 Easy steps to assemble your scuba equipment.

Welcome to Lake Hickory Scuba Center. We are a full service Dive Center located on Lake Hickory in Taylorsville, NC. We are here for all you scuba diving needs.

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  1. Josue Garcia says

    You're going to say I'm stupid and I am, But I'm learning everything there is available online about Diving and how to set up and use it in and out of the water. I don't have money to get training so I'm going to head out to my Local spring ( with a friend just in case anything goes south)  It's shallow at one spot and goes down to around 10m and train there until i get the hang of it. Then i will slowly go down into the 10m area and practice buoyancy and things like that. Besides Getting a certificate do you have any tips that i could use?

  2. Van Williamson says

    Thanks for posting this informative video, but folks, please!  Pay more attention to the audio production!  This is the 2nd video I've watched where the audio is all but inaudible.  Having spent my career at NPR, I obsess about this a little more than most people, but it's NOT THAT DIFFICULT to make a cleaner production.  Aside from that, the video is very helpful.

  3. LakeHickoryScuba says

    Thanks mike03svt on the comment. When this was filmed we were doing a class on proper breathing techniques and if you listen closely you can here a diver skip breathing (a no no). This in return covered up the main video. We are currently working on several other training videos (skills and such) and hope to have them up real soon, so please subscribe and stay tune. Also please check out all our other videos, we are constantly adding. We also have a series called the Scuba tip of the week.

  4. mikes03svt says

    Great vid. More thorough than the last one I watched. The sound is a little distorted but the information was helpful.

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