Apeks XTX50 Plus XTX40 Regulator Set Review

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Apeks XTX50 Plus XTX40 Regulator Set Review
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The Apeks XTX 50 and XTX 40 Octopus regulator package is an excellent set for divers who need ultra-reliability and performance in even the coldest of conditions.

The DST first stage uses a high-performance diaphragm design with the additional benefits of an environmental seal for cold water protection. The DST is fitted with a swiveling low-pressure turret that houses four low-pressure ports. Two high-pressure ports can also be found on the main body of the first stage.

The XTX 50 is supplied with a flexible braided hose for improved safety and prolonged hose life. The second stage features diver adjustable inhalation and venturi controls to modify the performance and safety characteristics of the valve. An interchangeable exhaust cover gives the diver the choice between a wide cover designed to deflect the exhaled gas away from the face or a much more compact cover for reduced drag and weight. The housing is also reversible which allows a technician to swap the hose handing from right to left if required.

The XTX 40 is supplied with a longer yellow braided hose and high visibility trim and from cover. The octopus uses the same internal mechanism and provides the same level of performance as the XTX 50 but lacks the external inhalation adjustment and the additional interchangeable exhaust cover (compact cover fitted as standard). The housing is reversible as per the XTX 50.



XTX40 Reg Set

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Rating: 5.00

  1. sinisa lazarek says

    my set for over 4 years now! love it, no complaints. silky smooth breathing even at 40+ meters. Mouth piece is very comfortable. Just make sure it's in pre-dive adjustment on surface since the set is slightly over balanced and can free flow if the lever on second stage is in dive mode.

  2. wmdoucette says

    Have this rig and love it.
    It’s a bit heavy and bulky for travel and uses odd sized, expensive mouth pieces are my only complaints.

  3. Ken Temple says

    I might add that the larger exhaust T helps to get bubbles away from your face more than the other, which is helpful if you are taking photos or filming.

  4. Isaac Sim says

    Do one for aqualung legend regs please!

  5. Hellrazor says

    Apeks so fancy…. I have to settle for my mere Mares Abyss set…. Lol …

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