Scuba Tech Tips: Regulator Flex Hoses – Good Or Bad? – S04E04

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Thinking of converting to light weight, highly flexible, nylon wrapped regulator hoses? Alec uses flex hoses on his personal dive gear and shares the pros and cons of leaving rubber hoses for good.

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Rating: 4.91

  1. Mark Stengel says

    Hi Alec, I enjoyed your Rubber vs Flex/Braided hose's. The upgrade is instantly noticed with it's many advantages. As always another fine scuba presentation. Regards

  2. Brian Consaul says

    First 7:38 was a waste and time of my life I will never get back.. useless history

  3. Brian Consaul says

    Not everyone needs the entire history.. just give review not history back to beginning of diving

  4. zacharmy2011 says

    Imo the flex hose causes less fatigue on my jaw vs a rubber hose, it doesn't tend to push so much.

  5. franck lemeray says

    j'ai rien compris !

  6. Michael Morgan says

    Well this video has convinced me to take my regs to my local shop tomorrow and get a brand new set of flex hoses. Got a crack in my primary hose anyway and needed a replacement. Thanks for the info, love your videos.

  7. Toob41 says

    Just watched Sea Hunt Episode 1 on Youtube. Oh nooo! Now I have to watch all of your videos AND all the Sea Hunt episodes. When am I gonna find the time to dive?

  8. Jake Lee says

    awesome product review. thanks

  9. Cody Ng says

    Mr. Peirce, just wanted to shout out you are such an amazing human being. Nice, sincere, down-to-earth, unbiased, knowledgeable and wise. I'm a newbie PADI Open Water diver and I have gained so fking much from watching your videos. Much much respect sir. You now have an additional fan from Hong Kong, keep these up I'll be following you closely!

  10. Steve Timman says

    My god the information I get from watching your videos. I'm a gear freak and love to be up to date and check out old and new stuff alike. Thank You!!

  11. Diving Madd says

    Mickey Mouse hoses. Don’t buy them. Expensive. Kink more. You can’t tell when they are ready to give up. They float which is annoying and makes your rig not streamlined and increased if snag hazard.

    Short story – stick to standard rubber hoses. Just like jet fins.

  12. Stuart Heinrich says

    I think it's worth mentioning that DAN has recently issued an urgent warning about systemic failures relating to these modern flex hoses which is still ongoing:

    " the discovery prompted a wider, global investigation, which is ongoing….DAN Research would normally wish to conduct more in-depth analysis with a wider sample of defective hoses, but because this is a potential hazard to regulator function we prefer to err on the side of caution and report this phenomenon now."

    Original warning June 2, 2016:

    Follow up article, Q1 Winter 2017:

  13. tim wilhelmson says

    I have always been interested in it but I am disabled and have bad arthritis don't know if I cant retch thing like I need to.

  14. tim wilhelmson says

    I enjoy your videos. you are very interesting. thinking about starting scuba keep up the good work thanks

  15. Billy Z says

    What are some good flex hose brands you could recommend that are high quality? Also would I have to get anything special to make these flex hoses work with Scubapro A700 primary, R195 octo and mk25? The fittings should work out of the box?

  16. Michael Anthony says

    I just watched a video by 50ft below on flex hoses with an issue of crystals forming on the inside of the hose from rapid temperature change. Will you please comment on that?

  17. Yggdrasil42 says

    I read that braided hoses have a tendency to float, that they're more buoyant than rubber hoses. In your opinion, is that a good or bad thing?

  18. David Santiago says

    These new flex hoses have a history of bursting underwater

  19. uberacx says

    Great advises and humorous as usual! Love your videos. I already switched all my hoses to miflex hoses. Will NEVER go back to regular rubber hoses. These look great, really flexible, light weight, easy to store and dry. Scuba diving equipment makers really should use these hoses for at least the higher end regulator, inflator models etc. I have a BUNCH of regular rubber hoses sitting in a box at home and yet don't know what to do with them =(

  20. Tony Wood says Alec, What do you think about this report?

  21. Tibo Veuchelen says

    hey alec i wanted to say that these videos really help for these kind of things because i always wondered what the diference was between a 200 EUR regulator from scubapro or a 900 EUR limited edition one from aqua lung
    but these videos helped me going through the progres of buying a SCUBA set .

    P.S. i am starting my 1 star diving licence test wich allows you to go to 20 M with a dive budy

    PP.S. video idea :diference between a 100 $ wetsuit and a 1000$ wetsuit ?

    love all the way from Belgium

    thanks again

  22. brad mcdonald says

    Excellent informative videos! I've learned a ton!
    One caveat, that rubber or nylon outer layer isn't just there for looks. Its there to protect the nylon braided sheathing, as well as increase the pressure rating. Without the outer layer, the braid can bunch up and allow the inner tubing to blow out or bulge between the braids.

  23. Greatwhite sharky says

    I find these flex hoses useful for rib diving. I usually tie a lose not on the 2nd stage etc to stop it sitting on the floor and people/equipment damaging them especially when space is tight and sea conditions rough!

  24. Elliot Bentley says

    I'm only 10 and I've seen the sea hunt before

  25. Jude C says

    Great info as always Sir!

  26. Timo Witte says

    Some people seem to have problems with older / worn flex hoses when they use a dry suit, as the fibers sticking out of the worn flex hose might puncture the dry suit. Guess this is not a problem with wet suits / new flex hoses.

  27. official weeb says

    i wanny dive whith you

  28. Frost says

    Jim Lahey is that you?

  29. Donney Bibb says

    Hey Alec, nice video.  I've been thinking about flex hoses for a while.  Do you know if there are any companies that make flex hoses for QD computer hoses?  I'm thinking that the QD ends are proprietary to each manufacturer and generic flex hose manufacturers don't have access to each QD fitting – or don't want to make various QD fittings.

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