Beginner's guide to your first track day | Road & Race S2E10

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Do I need new brake pads or brake fluid for a track day?

What do I do when I arrive at the track?

What circuit should I do my trackday?

Do I need race tuition for a trackday?

What do I need to bring to my track day?

Will I need new tyres after my track day?

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  1. Lee Holtom says

    Great video got my 1st track day in my own car next month and some of this stuff was really helpful

  2. psfree40b says

    What best helmet would you recommend?

  3. Vasco Vilhena says

    Would a more race oriented brake pad have any disadvantage on the road when compared to a standart one? Squeals? Maybe works it works better at higher temperatures?…
    Anyway, great video, helped a lot!

  4. Steve Lane says

    That was a great video, thank you!

  5. Ben Bonwitt-Marsh says

    Ummm How do I change my blinker fluid?


  6. George Hunter says

    Great video. I see rmm2424 stated to but track day insurance. I did a great deal of shopping around and found the best guys were Locktons or MORIS. I went with moris since they were friendly and the most competitive

  7. Dns Rollin says

    an automatic???

  8. Inspiration _ says

    Thanks for the important advice. I'll be able to drive in ~3.5 years and I'm already saving up for a 2020 Mustang GT Premium for probably ~$40,000. I've already started saving up, and I have capital since I'm about to invest in the stock market. Definitely going to put these words into mind.

  9. Martin Tanti says

    I have a question about the Air Fuel separator. I was told to put in a Porsche Motorsport one before doing a track day?

  10. Andrew Milner says

    Great channel and really useful info man 🙂 First track day in my Z4 Coupe back in March and loved it, will be better informed next time after watching this!

  11. rmm2424 says

    buy track day insurance

  12. Goncalo Teixeira says

    Really good and useful videos! Thanks

  13. Sean Seidman says

    Your videos are awesome. I believe your spare tire is a part of your front crumple zone. Thanks for all of your great videos.

  14. Zichen Zhao says

    Great and useful video for me.Thank you! I hope you can make more video like this.And I think the subtiles is very useful for me.

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