IST ProEar 2000 review

5 23

My first terrible attempt at a youtube video. But hey, here it is. I really like this mask, no I didn’t go very deep, but my ears stayed dry and for someone with ear problems it was great!

Rating: 0.89

  1. Kev Farthing says

    The pressure is still there but it will clear if you know how to use it correctly. I have been diving with one for years

  2. srinivas shinde says

    does this mask keeps your ear 100% dry and free from water?
    because i have a hole in my ear drum and have to keep my ear 100% will it?

  3. Morill Saberiya says

    Hi~Could it prevent water contacting if you did not get your hair all away from the ear frame?

  4. SeikiBrian says

    "My first terrible attempt at a youtube video."

    For your next attempt, may I suggest that you use SOME "on the scene" video, but intercut it with some "in the studio" video. Why? Because when a GoPro is in its waterproof housing, the microphone picks up contact noise very well, but the spoken voice very poorly. It would be nice to hear your actual review over the bubbles and squeaks.

  5. Asgaard Sephiroth says

    wtf I just saw?

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