1. Yudi Herdiana says

    I had same experience, long time to get it delivered from China…and then just died after 1 night dive at 8 meters!!!

  2. Evil DroneZ says

    I bought a few of these just because there cheap. Keep in mind Chinese products are assembled by kids. You need to thoroughly go threw the light before you dive them. Mine still work after 50 dives below 100 feet.

  3. Dalan Singson says

    I had one and it worked awesome… until the airport stole it! If you get China products, you have to thoroughly clean it and inspect all the O-rings before you use it.

  4. bombousboy says

    Hmmmmmm. Just bought a couple of cheap ones of EBay. I'll see how it goes.

  5. Daniel Severs says

    Great Vid 🙂 I tested a whole heap of 26650 powered ebay dive lights too just never got round to making a vid.
    I have had the D11 Dive light and the D4 Dive light off ebay. Both flooded, the D11 on the first dive through the head the D4 after 4 through the magnetic switch. I then bought the Skyray 7 LED thats on ebay , it flooded in the first 5 mins in about 12 feet of water. I couldn't work out from where. I am using an OrcaTorch now, no switch and so far so good.

  6. wang kabo says

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