Epsealon Scorpion Wetsuit 5mm Product Review – Splash Dive Australia

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Our Ambassador’s Kimberley Matucci & Simone Matucci Reviewing Epsealon Scorpion 5mm Wetsuit.

Product Details:
Made from 5mm Yamamoto neoprene making for a much warmer suit comfortable. Red camo pattern.

* New camo pattern
* Pre-formed arms and legs
* SCS seals on the face, wrist and ankles (Super Composite Skin)
* Liquid PU knee and elbow pads
* Liquid PU bead protects seam junctions
* Double-clipped beaver tail
* Bottom of the jacket is double lined for durability
* Made entirely of Yamamoto Ultrastretch neoprene

Rating: 5.00

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