HOW TO: Know Your Spearfishing / Diving Masks

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0:28 Scuba Masks
1:50 Salvimar Noah mask
2:50 Mares Viper mask
3:49 DeFoging Your Mask
6:10 Snorkels
7:51Tee Shirt Giveaway

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Music Credit: Centrilla – Devour the Pain Mechanism

Rating: 4.70

  1. Robert Liriano says

    GREAT !! Video, thank you so much, it helped me a lot with choosing my Mask and Snorkel.

  2. Michael Bolton says

    Hey Amigo I have two new Viper masks and I love them ! Epic masks. These new ones I have put the lighter to them a couple of times and soaped them up and put some de fog liquid, but I am still having this fogging issue. Cant figure it out.. Maybe you know a secret ..LOL thanks man

  3. stefano giovannini says

    Do you like better the Salvimar Noah or the Mares Viper?

  4. stefano giovannini says

    PS what is the flexible snorkel, the inexpensive one?

  5. Cliff Stevenson says

    STAUNCH makes submersion eminent! Cheers.

  6. Jinsuun says

    I also defog my masks with a lighter, but tbh I don't think that's the silicone melting away lol When you heat up the glass with a lighter, the edges of the glass, the part of the glass that the flame isn't touching, is warming up and because of that it fogs up. Then when the flame hits the fogged up area it warms up the glass and it dries it up. So, I think this is what's happening visually when you use a lighter 🙂 You can try doing it later on, on a mask that you've already cleaned with a lighter and this will happen again and again.

  7. Nikola Lazarevic says

    nice to see a fellow metalhead spearo! chears

  8. Amr Gharib says

    thanks for this amazing info
    but how to choose the right mask size..? im dpearo and interested mars viber

  9. The Porky Pilot Show says

    can the Mares Viper mask be used for scuba aswell ?

  10. LaffyXD says

    Hello! When i dive i hear something like piiii what is that?

  11. Robin Dumas says

    Hi guys thanks for the video its great can you tell me the model of the snorkel please ???

  12. Ewan Duerden says

    super thank you I was wondering

  13. Ewan Duerden says

    waiting for a reply many emails sent

  14. Ivan Lekovic says

    …salvimar noah, i got it…:-) tnx

  15. Ivan Lekovic says

    hi tnx for sharing….pls can you tell me exact name of first mask for spear fishing (green colour) I like that mask very much. i use aqualung impression but woul like to finde that one from your video. Regards from cote d'azur 🙂

  16. George McKnight says

    Cracking reviews n tips, loving the Salvimar Noah mask…not a diver, but lovin' the surf

  17. Mike Thornton says

    My father was named Poseidon, on kelpies he came a riding. So if you're looking for me, it's no mystery – in the sea I'll be presiding.
    Great tip! I'll definitely try burning-in the lenses on my next new mask.

  18. Jamie Molloy says

    Always worth keeping the label on the mask until after you've burnt it…just in case

  19. Nikola Bobinec says

    is this good to do on mask with a plastic glass?

  20. Salvador Castillon says

    noah!! la mejor

  21. Ewan Duerden says

    The son of Poseidon lurks in the kelp , and waits for a victim who's looking for help.
    Out he creeps and takes their feet, down into the murky deep,
    And oh arise their muted screams, as he pulls at their wetsuit seams.
    When he's well and truly done,
    He comes out for another one!

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