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Mares Hybrid Pure Scuba Diving BCD Features

The Mares Hybrid Pure Diving BCD is the latest mini-wing style BCD from Mares based on the very popular Mares Hybrid BCD design. A very practical, lightweight compact travel BCD while also providing superb lift capabilities making the Mares Hybrid Pure scuba diving BCD perfect for both warmer water and colder water diving environments and so will lend itself to use with a 3mm shortie through to a Drysuit.

The Mares Hybrid Pure BCD has a folding backpack which folds sufficiently to enable you to pack the BCD in your travel bag and thanks to its lightweight design won’t take up much of your limited luggage allowance either – Weight Guide: M/L 3.02kg (not including the MRS Weight Pockets).

Hybrid Pure

Combines light weight, comfort, and modularity

• Integrated modular weight system
• Lightweight, an ideal travel companion
• 3 sizes fit all

More simplicity for a backmounted BCD, and thanks to its extremely low weight and foldable backpack, it becomes the ideal companion for your travels. Streamlined yet complete, Hybrid Pure surprises with its modularity and unique comfort, thanks to the lumbar suspension system.

The construction of the aircell delivers extreme freedom of movement and makes it easier to achieve perfect buoyancy. Removable integrated MRS Plus weight system and a folding zippered cargo pocket. Optional lumbar trim weight system.

Rating: 3.97

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    This is the wrong video, the video does not show the Mares Hybrid.

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