1. Ocean Man says

    British divers are some of the best divers in the world in my opinion!

  2. MrColdhell says

    PADI= Put Another Dollar In

  3. scubastev says

    Looks like stoney to me

  4. scubastev says

    Looks like stoney to me

  5. 97Arran says

    @a11n22d11y44 SO TRUE!!! Im PADI trained and now with a BSAC club and im currently crossing over to sports diver. Just feel its a safer and more enjoyable 🙂

  6. Marc McGowan says

    @allfred69 Yeah but what you gonna do from behind your PC??? Bit of light humour and people go mental.

  7. dyingfly says

    Doesn't matter whether you are BSAC or PADI – Just keep your skills up and keep practising and DIVE DIVE DIVE!

  8. Brian Russell says

    bsac can produce crap divers as can any training agency. what did folk do before clubs came along eh..so lets stop agancy bashing and just dive eh…me im just a diver could not give a toss who folk trained with as long as they are safe

  9. Marc McGowan says

    Who told you? That was a well-kept secret

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