How To Be A Cave Diver

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How To Be A Cave Diver
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Despite what Elon Musk might think we all know that cave divers are awesome. But you can’t just throw a cylinder on your back and swim into a cave to be a cave diver there are a few things you have to do first. Cave diving requires specialist gear and training but we’re not really going to talk too much about that because remember you need to advertise the fact that you’re a cave diver.

So Hi I’m Mark from Simply Scuba and here’s how to be a cave diver

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Rating: 4.65

  1. Keelan Mulvany says

    Love this vid

  2. Nik Turk says

    Aiming to get cavern specialist as I wand to visit and dive the large cave at Alghero, Sardinia

  3. johan andersson says

    "They are like pokemon cards for cave divers and you've got to catch them all, but don't ever steal someone else's" I frikking lost it haha

  4. Brandon M says

    Please tell me the "I hate silt line" is a masked star wars reference…

  5. Scuba Travel says

    Wear a helmet 🙂

  6. jimgam730 says

    After watching this I'm sticking with open water diving. PUPPY those caves!!!

  7. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    How to be a cave diver:

    1. Take GUE Fundamentals and get a Tech pass.

    2. Get a minimum of 25 logged dives.

    3. Take GUE Cave 1.

  8. mmol thats my only name says

    Advice, watching these videos are great, but also best to be in a proper training with a dive professional experienced in the interested course. (do open water 1st, of course.)

  9. Tarehjerne Tarehjerne says

    You forgot always talking about cave diving

  10. Gamer Boi says

    Cave diving is scary do open water

  11. Joe kle says

    Make sure to mark you line so you know how deep into the cave you go. Anything over 200 feet I get nervous and like to head out..

  12. Yggdrasil42 says

    Good tips! I've taken notes so I can wow my cave instructor. He's gonna teach me how to put a cave marker in my keychain blindfolded.

  13. Alex Welland says

    Those damn flappy snag hazards

  14. Tomas Jonsson says

    You must have rubber fins. Otherwise you die

  15. Arctrooper Rob says

    The Clone Wars TV show is coming back in 2019! Hip, hip, hooray!

  16. ORGANIZATION 13 says

    Fantastic video took notes on everything you said and the jokes were spot on love it

  17. Team Peg Leg says

    So many Star Wars jokes…

  18. joshua smith says

    How to learn cave diving: get trapped in a cave and take a crash course for getting out. I'm thinking there's 12 soccer(football) players from Thailand learning to swim, in the last two weeks. I've been wanting to learn cave diving, since I saw the movie "Sanctum".

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