With Just One Breath, This Free Diver Explores an Underwater World | Short Film Showcase

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When free diver Marese Secades enters the water, she feels nothing and everything at the same time. “Everything just melts away and I enter a dreamlike world, where I feel that I could fly.”
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Taking only a single breath, each moment of her dive is magnified as as she explores the breathtaking beauty beneath the water’s surface. In this mesmerizing short by filmmaker Dani Bautista, submerge yourself in Secades’ underwater world as she dives off the island of Coron, Palawan in the Philippines.

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With Just One Breath, This Free Diver Explores an Underwater World | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic

Rating: 4.88

  1. National Geographic says

    Free-diving is a unique and immersive experience that relies on the diver's ability to hold his or her breath. What would you like to see underwater with just one single breath?

  2. Julian Harding says

    love this.

  3. albert felix says

    00:33 What a great shot, amazingg

  4. Kamatisboy says

    I herd the accent and I knew she was Filipino

  5. Benjamin Sarco says

    Who's playing with language audio.

  6. Am I Enzo says

    Oh my god finally i can understand something in another language besides english on youtube

  7. awesome. well done Marese!

  8. The Young Adventurer says

    I love how when she comes up after 5mins she is really elegant then there is me after 30seconds looking like an elephant drowning

  9. Sage says


  10. Leonard Waga says

    Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!!!

  11. Kenjiemenk Morris says

    Pilipino yan hahahahahh

  12. Simoun Romero says

    woah, kababayan!

  13. Rich TowerIII says

    #thanksforsharing great video

  14. Bangtanie says

    Na shook ako nung nag tagalog siya

  15. marese secades says

    Hello, thank you to Nat Geo for the feature and to all of you who appreciates this short film. To address some of the comments here id like to say that I chose to speak in TAGLISH( Tagalog-english) as this is the most natural way of speaking for me and most Filipinos. In the past, the Philippines was colonized by the US and Spain for a couple hundred years and so our language and culture is a mix of all three. There are many words that have no direct Tagalog translation. This is just the way it is, and most definitely not because i want to sound cool as ive seen in one comment or that I cant speak english. This is just how we naturally speak, this is just who I am.
    If you want to see more of my videos and my freediving adventures, you can subscribe to my channel: youtube.com/c/maresesecades and follow me on IG: instagram.com/marese.secades.

    Thank you and i hope you all discover and experience Freediving. <3

  16. Im Not PickAchuu says

    el nido palawan . lots of youtubers or vloggers go that amazing avatar place

  17. Finn Green says


  18. Carlos Ortiz says

    At first I thought she was swimming in very clear water on top of water

  19. Wayne T says

    Everyone go to coron or el nido palawan Philippines, that's exactly what you going to see. Beautiful place like a paradise search them online.

  20. brebreboo lardoo says

    Isn't Filipino language is quite fascinating. 🙂

  21. brebreboo lardoo says

    Is that Coron Palawan? Or el nedo?

  22. CHlEFFIN says


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